Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lily Bee Projects

Okay - i know its late tomorrow - but its tomorrow.  I honestly don't know what happened to my day - i felt like a taxi cab driver - im sure alot of you can relate, but goodness - i was in my car on and off all afternoon!! Dance here, basketball practice there - for both boys - at 2 different times and places.  Okay enough complaining - other than i was driving in a snow storm at 7:00 a.m. this morning on our way to Primary Childrens, we made it there safe - a half hour late - but safe!  Every thing went well for the most part - we don't get results from the cultures for a week or so.  THey did say they thought he might have a blockage because of all the belly aches - so we did x-rays and will wait to here on that too.  He was born with Meconim Illius which is a blockage caused from the Cystic Fibrosis - he had surgery to remove it.  Then was hospitalized again at 7 months old for the same thing.  THey say kids born with MI (which is only about 10% of the CF population) have reoccurring problems with this.  Hopefully we will get good results.  Other than that - he sounded good, had great PFT's which is also promising.  So onto the scrappy stuff............

Here are my Lily Bee Projects:

So thanks for taking a peek.  I have another busy busy day tomorrow - but will be back soon.  I actually havn't scrapped a thing since i turned in my assignments but am ready to dive back in.  This time - my neglected Studio Calico kits - i miss them SOOOOOOOOO much.  I think i'm going on three months that i havn't used one.  I always look at them wishing i had the time to play but havn't used one.  So that's my goal - to make at least 3 things a month with my kits.  

I'm hitting the sack early AGAIN - this will make the 3rd night i've gone to bed before 10:00 - not sure what the deal is but hopefully it ends soon. 



jacque4u2c said...

These creations are just beautiful!!!

Jessica said... the sand title...that is so awesome! tfs :-D

Staci said...

I *almost* felt like I was at CHA with you when I was right there amongst your GORGEOUS creations! I took some photos for you of your LB stuff :-) The new lines are gorgeous, and kristen is a sweetheart!

Tynel said...

I hope everything is ok with your little man! I've decided that kids and health problems should not be allowed! It's so stressful. Your scrappy creations are amazing!

The Feisel Blog said...

love the way you did "sand"! so creative!