Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to tell my man how much I LOVE HIM - he is the best.  We met almost almost 18 years ago how crazy is that - crazy since i'm only 34!!  Mutual friends set us up since he had already graduated high school and i was a junior.  We dated for a few years and then he left on a 2 year LDS mission - came back and we were married 6 months later!!  I'm not going to say it was easy- the first 2 years were not the best - but after we had our first baby - Mason - the changes started.  I can honestly say now - 13 years later - that i love him more than i ever have.  He gets me - knows my struggles and trials and still loves me- and me with him.  We have a great relationship and 3 wonderful kids.  So here is many more years ahead!!
Not the best picture - he was squinting - but the most recent.  We went to my nieces wedding up the logan temple on saturday and my SIL took this for me!  Soooooooooo he gave me 10th row tickets to the Tim Mgraw concert which i can't be more excited about!  My all time favorite!  
I will leave you with a few pictures of my cute niece - i was so proud of her that day - she looked beautiful!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cystic Fibrosis

is a tough disease.  Most days are good - but there are some that it's all i think about - what his future will be like - what will we do when something goes wrong.  We have been so fortunate thus far to have hardly ANY problems with his CF.  We just had a clinic visit a few weeks ago and got the call a few days ago that everything came back normal, blood work and x-rays were all clear, another 3 months under our belt.
I think i get in these moods when we don't get along - its when i feel the worst.  He really is such a great kid - and has a fun personality but we seriously don't get along - he really really likes to push me to my limits.  I think its because it shows - he knows he can get to me - and i let him.  I need to try harder to be better with him - have more patience. I feel like he needs the most love and compassion - and the truth  is - he gets the least.  I'm hoping its a phase we are going through and we will get through it - because i hate feeling this way.  Because then i get on the internet and read sad stories that make me feel even worse. 

This is one of them - it's the story of a 23 year old actress who did a documentary about Cystic Fibrosis (65 red roses) - she past away in March.  She had a lung transplant and her life deteriorated quickly because her body was rejecting them.  She has some very inspiring stories on her blog and there are some clips from the movie.
Here is the link to her blog if your interested in reading more about her life and legacy.  65 Red Roses.

So then i have to move on to more inspiring stories - this man who is living with Cystic Fibrosis and is now 65 - WoW!  How cool is that!
Paul Quinton Ph.D. is a professor of pediatrics at University of California San Diego, and a professor of biomedical sciences at University of California Riverside, where he works to advance the understanding of the chronic illness, cystic fibrosis (CF). Dr. Quinton's interest in this genetic disease stems from his own diagnosis with CF when he was 19 years old. While he is 65 years old, the median lifespan for CF is 37 years. Dr. Quinton is recognized for his work in discovering the defect in the CF gene that prevents chloride molecules from entering and exiting affected cells. His research explained why the sweat of patients with CF is abnormally salty and has helped us understand that this illness is a disease of abnormal salt movement that is associated with abnormal mucus.

And Dean's cute cousin Kara who has Cystic Fibrosis and her husband Jordan - are finally able to adopt a baby - i'm SO happy for them. 
It always makes me think of Ethan's future and makes me wonder if he will find that someone who is so amazing that doesn't let this disease scare them away - who looks past the medicines and the treatments and the fact that he can't have children.  These 2 are what help me get through these times.  Here her blog if your interested in her stories.........Kara's Blog.

One of my very best friends who i've met through this process and has a son with CF always seems to make me feel better too - Love ya Carey!

Okay - i'm ready to get off my soapbox - if you've made it this far - thanks for listening.  And if your interested in donating to a great cause and in making CF stand for cure found - our annual great strides walk is coming up a week from this Saturday on the 22nd.  If you donate through that button it will go directly to Team Ethan!! 


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what Mother's Day is all about.........

I hope all of you wonderful Mother's out there had a great Mother's Day!!  Like i had said before - i spent the weekend in St. George with my family and my kids.  It was sooooooooooooo much fun.  So relaxing and the kids had a wondeful time - playing in the pool, at the park, watching movies, catching lizards, going on hikes - and lots more!  I will share pictures later.  Just wanted to thank my sister for allowing us to join them and for my parents and the help they were to me since dean wasn't there. 

So on to Mother's Day - we got up and got packed up and were out of there by 9:30 - ready for a 6 hour drive with three kids.  Baylee is not the best traveler in the first place - but she woke up not feeling well.  Her tummy hurt and her throat hurt.  About an hour into the drive -she tells me she needs to throw up - so i pull over - my parents are in front of me and i'm just hoping they notice that we've stopped.  I get her out of the car - and we stand there for a few minutes - i tell her we have to hurry - grandpa and grandma are waiting - so she says - maybe i don't have to - i sit her in her seat - and she pukes - all over herself!  Luckily she had a skirt on and it caught everything from getting all over the car.  I felt so bad for her - she looked ghostly and and just didn't feel well.  Needless to say - 5 hours, 2 walmart sacks, a bread bag (dumped the bread on the front seat), a ziploc bag and a Wendy's cup later - we made it home.  I was not happy (I know it wasn't her fault) - but i still wasn't happy - not sure if i expected an award or fireworks or something when i got home, since i hadn't seen Dean for 9 days, and didn't get really much of any kind of praise (still expecting at this point) or sorry your Mother's Day sucked - but i pouted the rest of the night and felt sorry for myself, took it out on the kids and Dean.  Then woke up the next morning getting kids ready for school and the usual - and realized - that this is what being a Mother is all about.  This is what i do, referee fights, clean up throw up, comfort when in need. And i wouldn't want it any other i felt really really guilty about the way that i acted, at least i was with my kids right!  And i love being a mother - even on those crappy days.

Also want my mom to know how much i LOVE her and what a great Mother and Grandmother she is.  I am so lucky to have her in my life! This is mother's day last year.
Also wanted to share i quick layout i did for the Lily Bee Blog last week.  LOVE how bright and fun this Hello Sunshine line is! 
Banner's have been all the rage for the last little bit - and i finally decided to give it a try and love the way it turned out - so fun - i will definatley be incorporating them into my work more often.

One more bit of fun news - Go check out the Fancy Pants website and see the 2 new lines the were just released!  Havn't gotten my hands on them yet - but they look fabulous!!