Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10,000 Hits!!

I just know that everyone is always up for getting prizes right?? So help me hit 10,000 hits - everyone who checks in just leave a comment - when i reach 10,000 i will randomly draw a winner - for a yummy box full of goodies - good goodies! Maybe i will post a teaser tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! We did - the kids had so much fun and i loved watching them eat it all up. The girl thing was so fun this year too - finally girl toys - that i can relate too and enjoy with her. My parents spoiled us again this year - the are so good to us! We got a Wii - and i think Dean and i love it as much as the kids do - so fun. The kids are loving Mario Olympics - its so cool - Trampoline, swimming, Sword fighting, hurdles - it has everything. I havn't gotten the fitness board out yet because i am SICK again - i think bronchitis - Dean just got over it - Baylee and Ethan are coughing and I started on Friday night. It never ends around here.

FANCY PANTS Projects - my last 2 for the month. I made some Valentines Cards with the Splendid line. The colors are FAB! I used the die cuts, rub-ons and paper from this line. The Stamp on the Love Notes card is from the Daily Grind and buttons are from random collections. Thanks for peeking.

Hope that everyone has a great New Years - we are having a small group over to play the Wii and other games. I swear i'm getting old - not sure that i can stay up that late anymore! Except when i'm scrapping for some reason the time passes so fast its usually after midnight when i go to bed. Be back soon...............

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry CHristmas!!

I know for sure that we are going to have a White Christmas. Yay - this was the view from my back door today. I was coming down all day long and is supposed to snow the rest of the week. These are my 3 beautiful kids! The best 3 gifts given to me. I love each of the so much for different reasons. They are all such a blessing to me and i can't wait to share Christmas with them this week - they are at the funnest ages for this time of year. And this is Baylee's beautiful Christmas dress - i got it and the flower in her hair at quilted bear. SO FUN!! I added a Vintage overlay to the photo - her dress is SO red if you can't tell from the photo above and i couldn't get the glow from the tree lights because she was moving around to much so i had to use the flash - so i mellowed the pictures out a little. I need to learn more about Adobe - i'm sure there is a way to make them a little brighter - but i don't know how!! Anyways - she looked like a princess and felt like one too - she had to show everyone at church her pretty dress. A full length shot - i seriously couldn't get her to look at the camera and smile and i was LATE! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and you stop and enjoy your families and this wonderful time of year. I hope Santa brings you everything you want. And that we can remember the true meaning of Christmas and remember to also celebrate the birth of our Savior on this special day too! Hugs!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Guest Designer

I was pretty excited to be asked to be the guest Designer this week over at Pencil Lines sketch blog. I love to go there for inspiration. I was given a sketch by the very talented Michelle Filo. So fun and got me to do my christmas pictures which is always a good thing! So thanks ladies for the opportunity! I used the new Happy Holidays line from Fancy Pants, the paper, buttons, rubons, chipboard - everything!

This next layout was for the new challenge over at Method Playground . We have the Fabulous Scarlet Namvong from Studio Calico. The challenge was to stitch on your layout. I love cross stitching anyways and stitch quite a bit so LOVED doing this layout. Was able to escape friday night and scrap with some great girls and did this layout. Come over and play with us!!Other news in the Hurd household we are currentley dealing with BARF - yummy i know. I seriously thought i was out of the woods. Ethan did it the night before his birthday last tuesday - and then was fine the next day! Totally fine! Well Saturday rolls around and I am planning for a Christmas party at my house, trying to cook, clean and do last minute things when my sweet baby girl did it. So she was so sick the rest of the night till i put her down at 6:30 for bed - didn't wake up again till the next day and was FINE on Sunday like nothing had happened. But......Ethan had the return of the bug, but worse. Then this morning baylee woke up at 5:30 and decided she still wasn't feeling well and barfed all over herself and her bed. UGH........i hope its over now - they both seem fine. All I can say is i'm lucky i have a husband that doesn't mind cleaning it up and doing the laundry. I did the cuddling and he did the cleaning. Worked out well. Hopefully we are all healthy for christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2008

its monday..

and i can tell! Started off with ALOT of snow - i almost didn't go to the gym because i didn't want to be out in it - but glad i did in the end. Lots of things on the to do list today that i won't bore you with but i'm not excited. I did have a great weekend though. On Friday night Dean and I went down to Salt Lake for his work party. We ate at Flemmings in the Gateway - honestly i've never tasted better food EVER! It was to die for. We were going to do some shopping afterwards but ended up talking till it was closing time. Good to go on a date with dh - seems like its been a while.

Saturday - i had the opportunity to meet some awesome girls. My good friend Laura Vegas - who some how i met through the blogging world was coming to Utah to CK with her friend Deneen who had won a trip to meet Lisa B. and take a tour of CK media and have lunch with the 'big dogs'. She is as nice and beautiful in person as she is on her blog - it was fun to meet her finally - she does some amazing things with her camera and paper!
She was nice enough to invite me to a lunch with a few other fellow scrappers that i was so glad to meet. Wendy Sue Anderson, Jen Gallacher, Shaunte Wadley. All of them so funny and fun to be around. Can't wait to get to know them a little better - have always admired their work -but glad to have actually me them. I sat by Wendy Sue and was able to get know her a little bit and then couldn't stop laughing at Jen and Shaunte. Also there was another Wendy who works for CK and then some of Deneens cousins. It was a long drive - but worth it - i had to skip out of the warehouse sales because i had a party at my house at 5:00 that dean was patiently getting ready for while i was out playing.

top row: Wendy, Wendy Sue, Deneen, her cousins

bottom row: Me, Shaunte, Jen, Laura

Here is a Fancy Pants layout i did last week. So fun playing with paint and glimmer mist. I stamped with bubble wrap on a light blue sheet of PP from the splendid line and the tree trunk is from simplicity - i just roughed it up a bit. The red paper behind our pictures is from ' Daily Grind' (my personal fave) - and all of the chipboard elements are from the 'daily grind' shapes. The buttons are from the 'All Fall' line because the were a little more 'red'. I big mixture of everything!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to go hook up my new Epson WIDE format printer. So excited. My sister-in-law and I went in on this little deal going on over at Epson. That link will take you directly there. If your in the market for a new camera - this is an awesome deal. The camera is a D40 which is what i have and LOVE. And then the Epson 1400 printer together in a bundle for $549 - is that crazy or what! You don't get the extra lense - but that can always come later. The rebate is instant - no mail in and its $300 - and on top of that - shipping is free. I'm excited to try out the printer - i have the Epson r380 now and absolutley love it -so i'm sure i can't go wrong with the Epson.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New challenge up at Method Playground

Beleive it or not ladies - i do not own any FLOCK - the new challenge up at Method PLayground is to show us your ideas using flock. I had to improvise because i still haven't recieved the order i placed forever ago for flock. So i used a piece of Making Memories flocked paper and cut it out. The red flowers and vines on the layout are flocked. I used stickles around the edges to make them pop. Come over and play - and if you don't have flock - still play!! Then i made this little journal for Mason - I used a Fancy Pants Storybook and then all of the papers, chipboard, ribbon, and rubons are all from Fancy Pant's new line 'All Fall' - Super cute colors that work with almost anything! I kinda made Ethan feel bad - so its on my list to make him something next. Mason reads SO MUCH - i thought it would be a great idea to keep track of all the books he reads and how many pages.

FInally got our tree decorated last night - its beautiful. Kindof a strange one - its almost like 3 trees in one - so we're not sure where to put the star because there are 3 tops! I will show pictures soon. Hope every one enjoys the holidays . I'm a little overwhelmed because i have 9 christmas parties between the 5th and the 18th and that doesn't include Ethan's birthday on the 10th - does that sound like to much - it feels that way. I will attempt to put on my Santa hat and enjoy it!! Ho Ho Ho............

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I truly am thankful for all that I have - i always look forward to this time of the year. Getting together with family and just being with one another. Its sad it takes a holiday to reflect that - i need to try harder to express that the whole year through. We are buzzing christmas around here already too - Dean hasn't allowed christmas decorations - but he hasn't turned off the christmas music or movies we've watched EVERYDAY this last week. So fun....... the kids are at the PERFECT age this year - even baylee keeps asking about Ho Ho Clause - thats what she calls him. So thanks to you all for being great friends too - we are lucky to have you!
Okay enough of the mushy stuff - i have some Layouts and a card to share. First off some Fancy Pants projects.

Then this fun layout i did all for myself - it was so fun. Love that colors went so well with the paper. This is baylee playing dress up with some hand me downs that we got from my friend bobbie!

Well - hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. We are off on Saturday to Idaho to cut down our christmas tree - can't wait for that - its always so fun and the kids love it - hope its not too cold

Monday, November 17, 2008

Method Playground and a Happy Birthday!!

First - i want to invite everyone to come play in this weeks new challenge over at Method Playground! The challenge was to poke holes in your layout - using pin or sewing machine with no thread. I used a pin to make the grid for my pictures and then around my clouds. The pictures are from the Walk for Cysic Fibrosis this year. I used this months kit from Studio Calico for this layout.

Then i just wanted to wish my mom a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday!! she looks like my sister doesn't she. I love her so much and am grateful for all she does for me. We went over last night and celebrated. I couldn't post the picture with my sister in it cuz my moms eyes were shut! Here are all the grandkids except Bridger (karies youngest) helping grandma blow out the candles!

Well - we are taking the boys to the Jazz game tonight - so i need to go get things ready. Hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm secretly going to see the midnight premier of "Twilight" on thursday - can't wait to see how the movie will compare to the books - not that i'm an expert on books ( I hate reading actually) but some how got sucked into these ones. Cant wait!

Monday, November 10, 2008

more new Fancy Pants

well - back again from my little scrapping getaway. So much fun - i look forward to doing this with the girls twice a year. We watched 6 movies and scrapped our little hearts out. I finished 5 layouts - which seems to be the norm for me. Hard to scrap and watch movies and eat lots of junk at the same time. I did finish a layout using the other new release from FancY Pants called "Artic Chill" - the paper went perfect witht these cute snow pictures of Baylee.This is one of the very few Halloween layouts i've ever done - was published in the Fall issue of Scapbook and Cards Today.
So tonight we had family night. We went to see Mason's disasaur picture that he drew for a contest at the Dinasuar park - we got there right before it closed - he was so proud to see his picture hanging on the wall - not sure if he got a ribbon or placed - i was confused at how things were set up - but i was proud of him. Then we went and ate at Cafe Rio - yummy! Then we set off to find a bedroom set for Baylee. Its getting time to give up the crib - sad! And the boys need an extra dresser for there room - they are bursting at the seams. So they will get Baylee's dresser (my old one) and she got a new bedroom set - i wanted to get her white. I know the bed seems big for a 2 year old - but we went this route because we have a mattress and box springs upstairs hogging space in the toy room - just leaning up against the wall - i figured we might as well get her a full size bed - she will be able to keep this set for a long time - it seems very well built. I showed the whole set just so you can see how the panels on the dresser are interchangeable - they can be all different colors - all white like the picture or all one color. So fun. So we just got the bed frame and the tall dresser (not in main picture). Won't be here till December 10th - but can't wait to get her room together. This girly thing is really pretty fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We're back!

I feel so out of it right now, i'm still trying to get back to reality. We've been home since late Saturday night but i'm still out of sorts. I just got my land legs back today. We had a great trip. DIsney puts on an amazing cruise. So much to do and see, the kids absolutley loved it - it was hard work for mom and dad - but worth it when you see the looks on your kids faces. Like they say - it was truley 'Magical'. I did find out that i am absolutley PETRIFIED of the Ocean - or maybe it was just the ship moving on the ocean. Had a few panic attacks - and don't think i will be cruising anytime soon - but all in all - it was FABULOUS!
This was the day before Halloween - thats when they celebrated on the ship. The kids got to trick-or-treat on the boat.
This is a view of the ship from Castaway Island (the disney Island) - it was so beautiful there - our best days were there (we got to visit twice). The boys actually got to get in and interact with the dolphins. They thought it was so great - i thought they might be a little scared (ecspecially after i freaked out and wouldnt get in) but they did so good - thanks to the Gary and Casey - i was proud of them.

Dean, Baylee and I in Cosmel right before we went in to do the dolphin thing.

Do you beleive my boys actually held these things. Mason did it first so Ethan got up the courage - it was so funny. I had to pay 10.00 to take these pictures - totally worth it though.

Baylee with Snow White - she was in aww of the princesses. She asked where they were every night before she went to bed. She loved them. Us on top of the ship before we left the port.
Now back to reality - i'm going scrapooking this weekend - so i need to get my stuff together - have to be prepared so i can get something accomplished. It will be a nice vacation (by myself) after a LONG vacation with the kiddos!

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Fancy Pants lines.....

so i just got my box yesterday with the new releases from Fancy Pants. One is called 'Artic Chill' and has some great colors for winter pictures. The other is 'Splendid' the Valentine Line. I had just printed the perfect picture for these papers so i stayed up late again and played! Here is the layout i did with 'Splendid' - go check out the Fancy Pants Blog for sneaks of the rest of the paper and goodies that go with it! I'm just realizing my last layout has the same title! Oh well - its true! I love them!

Well - today is day 5 that Dean has been gone - i'm honestly about ready to hit FREAK OUT mode. This has been a long one. Didn't help that Mas was out of School sick and then no school thursday and friday for UEA - but mama has had it. I'm ready for him to get home already. I havn't even accomplished any packing because i havn't felt good myself. He did shoot a 'once in a lifetime' deer, so he's pretty happy - we can't wait to see it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going to attempt taking the kids to the pumpkin patch by myself to get some pictures, we will see if i have the energy or the patience to get it done.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Do's

my list is a mile long right now and i can't do much about it. It's driving me crazy. Dean is out of town all week hunting - and i'm stuck home with sick kids. Some kind of flu bug - mason has had it since saturday and today Ethan and Baylee got it. Soooooooooo i can't leave my house and there is no school Thursday or Friday. I think i might go crazy! I just hope i don't get it. I've tried to start packing (not doing well) but i did get my dress and more luggage. Now waiting for our costumes to come in the mail. I need to make some serious lists so i can be organized about it.

I stayed up way to late last night to get some Fancy Pants projects done last night. Can i just say how much I LOVE thier stuff - not that i'm partial or anything - but seriously - they have great product. This first layout - is so ARtsy Fartsy - and i used all FP product. It was totally inspired by Dina Wakely - i just drool over her projects - she brings the out the artsy side of me - when normally i'm more of a cutsey (not a word is it?) scrapper - but she is always using the spray inks and glimmer mists - so i gave it a try - loved the outcome - i used the Fancy Pants chipboard letters as a mask and removed them after spraying - then traced the edges with a black pen. And the glitter cuts from FP this time around are to die for. Mostly the 'Daily Grind' line here.

This is a line from winter CHA - but i still love it - its Daydreams - and love these pictures of mason trying to get a kiss from his baby sister!The card is mostly the 'All Fall' line. The flower and tab are diecuts and the the buttons are from this line too. The red paper is from 'Daily Grind'

Thanks for taking a peek. I guess i better get to my lists of things that i need to do. They aren't going to mark themselves off - right? Have a good weekend - i might get one more post in before the trip - depends on how busy it gets!

Oh - i did have an unwind weekend with some girlfriends this last weekend - went to Wolf Creek lodge and did nothing but watch movies and eat alot of junk. It was perfect - just what i need to get me through the next few weeks!