Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Do's

my list is a mile long right now and i can't do much about it. It's driving me crazy. Dean is out of town all week hunting - and i'm stuck home with sick kids. Some kind of flu bug - mason has had it since saturday and today Ethan and Baylee got it. Soooooooooo i can't leave my house and there is no school Thursday or Friday. I think i might go crazy! I just hope i don't get it. I've tried to start packing (not doing well) but i did get my dress and more luggage. Now waiting for our costumes to come in the mail. I need to make some serious lists so i can be organized about it.

I stayed up way to late last night to get some Fancy Pants projects done last night. Can i just say how much I LOVE thier stuff - not that i'm partial or anything - but seriously - they have great product. This first layout - is so ARtsy Fartsy - and i used all FP product. It was totally inspired by Dina Wakely - i just drool over her projects - she brings the out the artsy side of me - when normally i'm more of a cutsey (not a word is it?) scrapper - but she is always using the spray inks and glimmer mists - so i gave it a try - loved the outcome - i used the Fancy Pants chipboard letters as a mask and removed them after spraying - then traced the edges with a black pen. And the glitter cuts from FP this time around are to die for. Mostly the 'Daily Grind' line here.

This is a line from winter CHA - but i still love it - its Daydreams - and love these pictures of mason trying to get a kiss from his baby sister!The card is mostly the 'All Fall' line. The flower and tab are diecuts and the the buttons are from this line too. The red paper is from 'Daily Grind'

Thanks for taking a peek. I guess i better get to my lists of things that i need to do. They aren't going to mark themselves off - right? Have a good weekend - i might get one more post in before the trip - depends on how busy it gets!

Oh - i did have an unwind weekend with some girlfriends this last weekend - went to Wolf Creek lodge and did nothing but watch movies and eat alot of junk. It was perfect - just what i need to get me through the next few weeks!


Brandy Jo said...

So cute! I love the acrylic embellishments.

Aline said...

Brenda, you layouts are again so beautiful. Thanks for inspiring me!

Karie Coats said...

I need to learn all about that spray painting jazz and other fun stuff you do, I'm starting to get bored with my layouts! The washing machine was seriously hilarious huh???
Love you!

aaronamywilson said...

You are do talented, Can I hire you to do mine? (jk) You look fabulous by the way!

Staci said...

Oooh, Brenda, artsy fartsy suits you well ;-) Great layouts and card! I'm very jealous - I just can not get the hang of the card thing! Sorry you are dealing with sick kids, especially as a single mom this week! Hope everyone is starting to feel better!

Sasha said...

Girl your work is off the hook .. love love love them .. wow .. okay so teach me how to spray