Thursday, September 23, 2010

More house pics

I still havn't taken pictures of alot of the rooms because they are not picture worthy - maybe one day.  But i do have a few new ones of the kitchen and outside. This isn't a great picture because i had my big lens on and didn't want to go in and switch it.
This is our long driveway - the top rounds so you can drive all the way through.
A view of  our view.  These mountains are beautiful and i love that that is what i get to look at every day!
This is right out the back sliding doors of my dining area.  One day i will have a cute little outdoor dining set here.  There is a fountain in the trees.  The back yard is very narrow - most of the yard is side yard. 
Some pics of the fruit trees.  We have 3 peach trees, 2 nectarine (my favorite) and 2 pear.  And then a whole bunch of purple grapes that i really have no idea what to do with other than juice.  They have seeds so they are not fun to eat.
There was a big metal swing set that was cemented in they left behind.
and of course the dog being as mischievous as ever.  I've never loved and hated something so much in my entire life.  I mean look how darn cute he is - that look just gets to me.  And he can be sweet at times.  But most of the time he drives me crazy - i feel like a babysitter - or i have another child.  I know he only a puppy - and they say with little ones to never wish their years away - well i wish it away!  Just a few of them, haha, because i know from previous experience that one day he will be the best dog ever!! 
So here is my kitchen - a little cleaner this time.  I still do not have one picture hung on my walls.  I'm sure we will get to that after hunting season - i swear it will never end! 
And my new black sectional that i ADORE!  I bought random pillows at different places and love how they all fit together so well!
the black diamond one is Target, the one with blue flowers is Bed Bath and Beyond and the yellow shag is Taipan .
Here the Zebra print and yellow are Bed Bath and Beyond and the Blue zig zag my SIL Stephanie got me from target.  The big floral is Target and the black velvet was my mother-in-laws about 40 years ago!!

I will stop while i'm ahead and show more later!  I'm ready for this weekend.  I actually get to go play.  My friends have a condo this weekend about an hour away and we are just relaxing - playing games, watching chick flicks and leaving the world behind.  They are crazy into French Cuisine and love cooking these amazing big fancy meals out of Julia's cookbook - i'm going to let them do that - while i do nothing.  I hate cooking :)  Leaving the sstress of school and a disorganized house for a few days!  Yay!  I will hopefully be back tomorrow to share who the new FANCY PANTS girls are going to be - i can't even stand it!! 


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey friends...........

it's been a while hasn't it.  Feeling really guilty about neglecting this place.  We've just had alot going on.  You can usually find me at my desk with these.
Wow - i didn't realize how much time and energy goes into this - and I had also forgotten that i am not naturally smart - that i have to work at it.  That i have forgotten how to retain information and i find it going in one ear and out the other.  But i enjoy it for the most part - besides my bone head math class.

The kids also started school and so far seem to enjoy it.  Both of them have made a few friends and don't complain to much.  I'm sure in a few more months it will seem like their 'normal'.  I hope anyways.
Baylee is just going to the same Pre-School down in Ogden.  We loved teacher Andrea last year so i kept her there - we do the 30 minute drive every Monday and Wednsday - i go to the gym or study while she's there so it works out well!

I have a few projects to share - yes i have scrapped a little bit!!  Luckily i still get together once a month with a group of girls that i used to live by.  One thursday a month.  Keeps me going!  I used the new It's your Day line from Fancy Pants Designs for both projects.  I have had this butterfly Mason made out forever wanting to scrap it with a school picture and when i got this new line the colors were perfect!! 

Also a fun birthday card
This line can really be used for way more than Birthday - check out the Fall Wreath that Ronda Palazzari created with it.  SO CUTE!!

Fancy Pants is also having a Creative Team call - HELLO!!  If you love their product - jump on this - you won't regret it - i LOVE designing for them.  Unfortunately the call ends tonight - in like an hour - for some reason when i started this post - i thought that the deadline was tomorrow - sorry about that.  But if you love them - you would have known already anyways!!

Thanks for stopping in and have a fabulous day!  I'm off to study some more - have a big fat history test tomorrow!
Hugs B