Friday, September 28, 2007

Finally in the mood

to scrapbook!! After the crop i struggled to even look at my stuff (not normal) - but last night Dean was gone hunting and i had some good TV to watch - yes i watch Greys and ER - so i got busy while watching. I actually used sketch 51 from Pencil Lines - made it easier to get to it - can't really be creative and watch TV at the same time - so it worked well and i am pretty happy with how it turned out - I can't beleive how well the new Scenic Route paper went with her dress!

On the home front - we just have sick kids - I have taken for granted what a good baby Baylee is til now - she has been a BEAR. I've had to rock her to sleep (which i havn't done forever) - it has been kinda sweet though - just time consuming. SHe won't nap either - so while Dean's on the Mountain hunting - i'm home with sick ornery kids. He did call and ask me out on a date for tonight though - so i guess i get to where some of my new clothes i bought last night while he was gone. Gotta love that.

Freckles - I've always always liked my freckles - but the other day an infomercial came on from PROACTIVE - and to Mason - the scars on the faces in the commercial looked like freckles - and he said "mommy, you need to get some of that so you don't have so many freckles"! What do you say to that - i told him i was going to keep my freckles and that he would probably have them when he got bigger too. To funny.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The new paper kit from The Shaker Box

Well got my goodies a few weeks ago from The Shaker Box and just wanted to share a few things i made from the kit - alot of fun goodies and it was very versital - was able to make boy and girl LO's with this kit!

Had a crazy day yesterday - made salsa AGAIN - and didn't finish til 1:00 am . So glad its done though and i don't have to do it again this year. My sister just dropped off her 8month old baby bridger and i'm watching him for the next 3 days - so i probably won't be around for a while - Friday night i'm going on a girls overnight trip - to recover from all this CROPPING, canning and babysitting! Can't wait. Its Jen P.'s 30 birthday!! I'm out!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


so i guess having you guess how much we made wasn't a very 'proper' thing to do - because no one did it!! So i will just send Deanna the Rak - and it really was exciting - we raised almost $3800 for the foundation. Thanks for letting me share!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm doing the happy dance.........

The crop was a huge success - thanks to my friends on the comittee that helped - Alisa, Amy, Katie, Jen, Bobbie and Steph! Wow - they were such a big help. I can't forget to mention Amy at Fat Cats - she went over the top to make this day great for me - and i'd never even met her before - they were so helpful - they set the tables up for me and cleaned up and took down. Keni at Costa Vida rocked the salads - they were awesome.I don't know why I never get good pictures at these things - but i didn't again this year - but i will post a few - none with me in them. I'm going to do a RAK for the poster that can guess the closest to the bottom line number to the PENNY. I will give you this hint - I had 58 people come. Here are the pictures and i will be back on Wednsday to see who won!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

one last picture

just had to post this picture of my garage - that i can't even park in. We are hauling everything out tonight so i took a few pictures to give you a real idea - this doesn't even include the baskets that are still in my office!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the LOOT

Katie posing for the camera Jen - another great poser
Just a corner in my Living room
This is my garage before - i'll have to take an after shot - its really full now
These are all the baskets for Silent Auction and Raffle
50 goodie bags full of stuff
Bobbie and Stephanie hard at work

This is going to be short and sweet - just wanted to share some pictures of the PARTY last night. I have everyone come over at 6:00 and they didn't leave till almost 11:00 - but we got so much accomplished. SO here are the photos - wish me luck on Saturday! I will let you know the outcome next week.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Its time...........

The crop is this Saturday - i'm feeling a little overwheled right now. I have piles and piles of donations - in my garage, in Deans office and in my office - and still more to come tonight and to the crop. I've had amazing help with donations - now for people - that has been a struggle. I really didn't think i would have that hard of a time getting people to come support. Luckily i have alot of friends and familly that have been recruiting for me - i'm up to 50 people right now. The last time i did it - there were 101 - big difference. I'm trying my hardest not to take it personal - and know that everyone is busy and have lifes and other things going on - i think its just so difficult for me because its so close to my heart - its my little boy - its only $35 - lots of fun things and good food - and i'm am literally having to call and beg people to come. It must be a Utah thing. Okay i'll get off my soapbox - but thanks to everyone who has helped and are willing to come spend a whole day, away from the kids, enjoying some personal time scrapbooking and also giving to a good cause. I'd say about 90% of the proceeds will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - which is AWESOME! If anyone would like to just donate - email me at Thanks

Okay - the big news at my house - sorry to keep you hanging so long - but life is just been turned upside down the last week with the crop and Deans new calling in the WARD. He has been called to be Bishop in our ward. WoW - do you believe that?? I do really, he will do a wonderful job and I know we will recieve blessings and be watched over. He is such a charitable, giving person and will definatley do his part in serving the ward - me on the other hand - wow - i'm 31 and they are calling me the Mother of the ward and they are twice my age. Seems a little odd - but i'm willing to put forth the effort and do what i need to support Dean - as long as my kids come first. So there you have it - holy moly!!

I will just leave you with a few pictures, tomorrow i'm going to post some pictures of what my living room looks like when we get it all in there and start going through everything! These are from the property over labor day weekend.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

i'm published........

well - not for the first time - but for the first time over at Page Maps . A great website with lots of great sketches if you ever get in a slump - its a great place for inspiration. I did a 2 page LO for the September newsletter - i struggle with doubles anymore these days but it was fun. And the pictures i sent her weren't that great - but the LO is cute in IRL. Becky was great to work with - she has a good thing going over there.

Other fun news - I have the September kit from The Shaker Box in my hot little hands. I have done 2 Layouts so far but still have some more things i need to get done. You won't be disapointed - go check it out - try it for a few months. Its one of the cheapest out there.

We have BIG news in our family - that i can't disclose for a few days -but i will just say - that our lives here at the Hurd residence are going to be changing for the better (i hope) for the next 5 years.

Kiddos are doing great - Ethan finally started preschool yesterday - giving mamma a little break for a few hours while Baylee naps - and of course instead of being productive - i'm sitting here at my computer talking to you!!!

Life is good - hunting season is here - that means more time to scrap for me!!