Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Autism Awareness

Not sure how many of you know I have a nephew Bridger with Autism.  I had the opportunity to do a media assignment in my English 2010 class and chose this is my subject.  I did a few interviews with my sister and with Bridger - I really like the way it turned out other than you have to turn it up a bit when we are talking and the message goes by really fast - I had to keep it to 3 minutes and didn't want to cut anything out.
Finals the next 2 days!  Will be super busy!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm not a runner.  Never have been, never will be.  But over the last few months because my husband so kindly signed me up for a few races - I was forced into it.  We did Ragnar in June - I started training 3 weeks before the race (not smart for someone who had never even ran 1 mile before).  My legs were each 4 miles for a total of 12 in a 30 hour time frame.  I trained as best I could and got up to 3 miles before the race.  Some how I endured - I had an awesome team and we had so much fun.  Aside from the blister and lack of sleep I felt okay and was glad I did it.

 This weekend we have another one called Epic - it runs from Logan up to Jackson Hole.  Dean has done it before and says its beautiful.  I'm nervous but excited because I know what to expect after my last experience.  My legs are 6.5, 3, 4.8.  I am up to 5 miles and am hoping I can make it to the 6.5 without dying first.  I was going to do 7 on Saturday but Mason wanted to join me on the run - I couldn't say no.  We didn't get out the door until 8:45 and by the time hit 2.5 miles it was dark out so we turned around and used the flash light on my phone to get home.  It was fun - Mason was such a trooper and I'm so dang slow he could walk and catch up when he needed.

I've learned it's a mental thing - I still don't love it - It's a great workout - hard on the mind and the body - and hopefully I can keep it up in small doses!!