Friday, December 31, 2010

Last minute layouts.......

I did my last few layouts for the year this last week while we've been enjoying Christmas break, thought i would stop in and share.  We had a wonderful Christmas, it came and went sooooooo fast.We spent Christmas eve at my parents and then came home and played a few games and set up for Santa, mom didn't want to make Santa's favorite so we used Sugar Cookies that a friend had brought over that day. *Santa insisted*  they were better than the ones i had made that were sitting right there too. 
Ethan started coming in our room around 6:00 a.m. then after 10 minutes after that till it was 7:00.  They were so excited to see what Santa had brought :)
 They got motorized scooters, and Baylee got the Tangled Castle and a Crib for babies along with alot of other fun things.  Then we made the trek to my parents again (and to be honest *Santa* lives there).  We always look forward to see the 'stacks' of presents, and the wonderful food displayed.  It has always been this way with them.  My parents usually don't see eye to eye, my mom wants to stop WAY before my dad ever does, but there is no controlling him.  Even as a child, when we didn't have much, no money, lived in a trailor park, there was always a wonderful Christmas.  We, or the grandkids aren't 'spoiled' all year long (he is actually quite the tightwad, a trait i wish i had inherited), but come Christmas, he does it, and he loves it.  So we let him...........

I feel bad i don't have more pictures.  I really just sat back and enjoyed this year, not crazy with the camera at all.  As a matter of fact, i didn't even pull it out once at Dean's parents.  We headed over there after mine and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying one another's company.  My SIL Lori got EVERYONE together for a family photo and hopefully will get a copy of that.  So all in all, it was a wonderful day!!

Here are the layouts i did. The first i did with the new line from Fancy Pants called Love Birds!  SO FUN.  Super girly and whimsical i think, but i like that because i have one.  This is Baylee on her 4th birthday last year. 

The next is one i did using Lily Bee product.  Paper is from Catching Fall, Christmas Town and my all time favorite the green polka dot from Lovely.  Baylee and her uncle Brad whom she totally adores taking a walk. 

Okay enough talking............hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!  Our Ethan is getting baptized tomorrow so it should a great day.  We are excited. 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Wish List

First i'm going to start off with Holy Crap - Christmas is in 3 days, not sure how that happened!  Next I'm going to share my Studio Calico wish list.  Not going to miss this opportunity :).  My list is pretty long but i will keep it to a minimum - don't want to be too stingy!
  • Mr. Huey White, Cream or Lunch Tray
  • Wood Veneer Stars
  • Notions Flowers
  • Anything from the Elementary line
And for my Santa wish list, I'm not asking for much, just a healthy family, good food, and lots under the tree for the kiddos.  My dad, still thinks he is Santa, and does a good job at taking care of that.  I love his Christmas spirit this time of year, not just because of the gifts, but because of how he loves it so much.  The traditions i did as a kid, he is still doing now.  It is so fun.

I was hoping for the Iphone, but so far, Verizon hasn't gotten their crap together and it looks as though its going to be a few more months.  So i'm not sure if i just get a Verizon phone or hold out - any thoughts??  Other than that i'm good.  The kids lists were pretty mild this year.  I am worried about one thing, Mason, my 10 year old, attached a penny to his letter to Santa, and said if he gets it back, then he will know that Santa is real, not sure what to do with that.  I'm just not ready for him to not have that true Spirit of Christmas, hey, i'm 34 and i still believe, i have never asked my parents, and they never admitted anything to me, and i like it that way. 
Just a few pictures to share before i go:  The first few are the kids with Santa at a family Christmas party.

Baylee had a Christmas dance performance last saturday and it was so darn cute.  It was about being naughty or nice, if you can't tail she has devil horns on under that Halo, and then a devil tail pinned to her bum!  So cute!

And last - a picture of Ethan on his birthday, i can't believe he is 8, and doing so well.  We've been so lucky with his health (knock on wood).  He's such a good boy, loves to test me and push my buttons but he is so thoughtful and has a big heart!
 And i didn't get a picture of Mason (was busy video recording) at his Piano recital last Sunday at Grandma Hurd's.  She has been his teacher for almost 3 years.  I was so proud of him.  He does a great job, i'm glad someone in our family has some musical talent - besides Ethan and his paper jamz guitar :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, for now, i'm enjoying the break from school, not sure what to do with myself, i find myself checking the computer 20 times a day to make sure i don't have to do anything.  I did check final grades last night and saw this.  I was pretty happy.  My math class is just a pass/fail and i barely passed.
Undergraduate Course work
CRN Subject Course Section Course Title Campus Final Grade

45600 HIST 1700 BCJ American Civilization Brigham City Campus B+

45618 HIST 2210 BCJ Introduction to Folklore Brigham City Campus A

45697 MATH 0900 BCU Elements of Algebra Brigham City Campus P@

46951 USU 1350 BCJ Integrated Life Science Brigham City Campus A


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its almost here........

I can't believe the month is almost over and I am so unprepared this year.  We have had a gazillion parties, and the house is decorated, but no gifts bought, no cards sent out (not happening) and no baked yumminess.  :(  But oh well, tis the life of a full time college student.  I have 2 finals tomorrow and 1 Friday then I'm done and will be able to have some fun.  I'm over feeling sorry for myself and ready to relax and enjoy what Christmas is all about, spending time with family and enjoying the excitement of the kids.

We have an extra short tree this year because the ceilings in this home are only 8 ft.  So we didn't use half of our ornaments.  And i wasn't feeling creative enough to find a place for them.  But i have to say i am in better spirits and have excepted the fact that i'm not on the ball, that it is okay, and we will still have a fabulous Christmas no matter what.  The kids don't really notice, so that is the most important thing, don't want to put a damper on their holiday spirits.  I even sat back this year and let them decorate the tree with out telling them where they can put the ornaments, it was kind of fun. 

I created this box using the Lily Bee Christmas town line to put on my front end table full of candy canes.

Check out the Lily Bee Blog for more details on how i created it!

One more thing, i'm really excited that Memory Works has asked me to be involved in creating projects with some of their new product coming out for CHA - also the Elementary line which is too die for - love the grungy feel.  I know your thinking where is she going to find the time.  But i will!  Here is the website for the Simple Stories program and how it can work.
So i will catch you later, off to run kids around to dance, piano, and a kid Christmas party at Grandma Hurds house tonight - she is so cute, every year she gets all the grandkids together and they watch a Christmas movie, eat good food and go Christmas caroling.  They always look forward too it.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Daily

Hey friends, if your still out there...............i've been a REALLY bad blogger.  My life is just spinning in circles right now and i havn't even had the time to stop and enjoy my favorite time of the year.  But i have to say I am proud that I was able to complete my December Daily album - my first ever.  If your not familiar with it, go check out Ali Edwards blog for more details but pretty much, it is just a keepsake for all the fun things you do during the month.  Each day is usually filled with some holiday tradition or party, it is just a matter of taking a picture each day and remembering to write down your thoughts.  If your like me, the pictures won't get in until after the holidays, while others, do them weekly.  I did mine for the Fancy Pants Blog which gave me that extra push to get it done.  If you want instructions, check out the blog post over there :).  I don't want to bore you with them all - so here are just a few.  I used Fancy Pants Tradition line and I made it very simple - for someone like me with NO TIME - it is perfect!

As far as Christmas goes, we haven't had a day of rest around here, a party EVERY single night except for Dec. 2nd but i had school.  None last night, and i have school tonight.  Ethan is turning 8 tomorrow - so we are playing then too, just making it simple this year, taking him to see Tangled (his choice) and this crazy disgusting Chinese restaurant for ham fried rice and noodles :) - it's his birthday - right??  Then we have another party Saturday afternoon, i have one Saturday night, if i can bring myself to go, and we are celebrating Ethan's birthday on Sunday with family, and we have our annual adult Fondue night on Monday - is it sad that i just feel like it is TOO MUCH!  As much as i love it - i feel overwhelmed.  I'm sure school isn't helping that matter, i have 3 Finals next week to - one Wed. one Thurs. and my last one Friday, maybe then i will enjoy the holidays.  I haven't even bought one gift yet, and i am usually done before the month begins.  UGH, okay, the tears are welling up - it's time to change the subject!!  Or maybe just end this post and come back on a happier note :)!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I can't help myself............

if it weren't for Dean, I would have this house decorated for Christmas RIGHT NOW.  We are in the middle of a blizzard, all the more reason to deck the halls...............right??  Anyway, i did get some of the bug out with those ornaments and this layout i did with Lily Bee's Christmas Town line.  Such a great line, with the perfect colors.  This is the kids on Christmas morning, i usually hate Christmas morning pics, but these turned out okay.

The flag stickers in all of the new collections are too die for!  I seem to use them on EVERY layout.  If you can't tell, the tree's are extra's i had from the Spellbinders blog hop.  Thanks for all who commented by the way................holy 503 comments!  I need to go check out who won the big prizes!  
Can't wait for Thanksgiving this weekend, i will have to share a picture of the craft i did for Baylee's pre-school on monday, we are going to attempt making them over at my MIL's  Thursday to break up the day a bit, not have kids running like crazy through the house the entire time, while the men are absolutely clueless because they are too busy watching football :).  Hope everyone has a fabulous Holiday weekend.  We are headed up to Soda Springs on Saturday also to cut down our tree!  Can't wait.
So i registered for my classes for next semester today, i guess it wasn't to terrible if i was willing to do it again right??  I took every class online this time, probably will wait till next fall when Baylee is in Kindergarten to take them at the school.  I took, Math 1010 (assuming i will pass 900 - havn't gotten my final grade yet - could be close ), English 1010, Psychology and another History class.  CRAZY!! 
Anyway, have a good one.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Spellbinders Holiday Hoppin blog hop

 Hey everyone!!  Glad you stopped by and hope your enjoying your hopping! Fancy Pants Designs in coordination with Spellbinders and Xyron we are showcasing some of the newest products just in time for your holiday crafting and gift giving. Lots of creative ideas are in store, as well as prizes galore! Each participating company (YEAH FANCY PANTS!) has generously donated towards the prize package listed on the Spellbinders Blog. A total of two identical prize packages, one for each day, November 18 and 19 will be given away! To enter, just leave a comment on a participating blog! Comments in the first 48 hours of the post are eligible. One commenter each day will be randomly selected as the winner. Winners will be announced on November 22, on the Spellbinders Blog!
I used the  S4-284 2010 Holiday Trees, i started off doing a layout and some how ended up with these fun ornaments!  I cut out 5 trees per ornament with paper from the Fancy Pants Tradition line, folded them in half and glued them together.  I then sprayed them with silver Maya mist.  Then traced around the edges with Ranger stickles (lime green, fruit punch).

 After everything dried I used some bling to decorate each tree!  I used Fancy Pants ribbon and some red wire for the tops of the trees.  Before adding these, i folded the trees in half and punched a 1/8 inch hole to tie the jute through for hanging - then hot glued the bows on top!!  

Go check out the rest of the blogs and make sure to leave a comment!!

Simply leave a comment on each blog to be eligible to win the Spellbinders Holiday Hoppin’ Prize Package.  Check out the Spellbinders blog post w/prizes)!  One winner will be chosen from all the comments on all the blogs participating today.  Comments made in the first 48 hours of this post will be eligible to win.  Winner’s names will be published on the Spellbinders Blog on November 22, and they will have 48 hours to reply to Spellbinders to claim the prizes.

Thank you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Just a quick post to share a few pictures and tell my mom Happy Birthday, it was tuesday, I'm just a slacker.  Love you so much mom and am so grateful for all that you do for our family (even though you won't come visit me in Honeyville) - i still love you.  Your so beautiful, kind and looking out for your family, i can only hope to be like you one day.  Hugs!!
Do you beleive my hair is getting so long, i can actually use a curling iron on it.  I do have to say i hate the time it takes to blow dry it though, so we will see how long i go without chopping it again :).

Some quick fall pictures from last saturday, the kids helping dean rake the leaves and then making a big mess by jumping back in them.  Then an attack from the crazy dog and his cone.  We got him fixed last week, so he gets to wear this, and it hurts when he runs into you full force, we actually had tears after this attack.

One last thing, i was lucky to be involved the Spellbinders Holiday Hoppin blog hop that is going on today and tomorrow!  My post will take place tomorrow right here, but if you want to check out todays inspiration start at Spellbinders blog - make sure you comment on each post for the chance to win some fabulous prizes!!  They will choose a winner today AND tomorrow!!