Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Daily

Hey friends, if your still out there...............i've been a REALLY bad blogger.  My life is just spinning in circles right now and i havn't even had the time to stop and enjoy my favorite time of the year.  But i have to say I am proud that I was able to complete my December Daily album - my first ever.  If your not familiar with it, go check out Ali Edwards blog for more details but pretty much, it is just a keepsake for all the fun things you do during the month.  Each day is usually filled with some holiday tradition or party, it is just a matter of taking a picture each day and remembering to write down your thoughts.  If your like me, the pictures won't get in until after the holidays, while others, do them weekly.  I did mine for the Fancy Pants Blog which gave me that extra push to get it done.  If you want instructions, check out the blog post over there :).  I don't want to bore you with them all - so here are just a few.  I used Fancy Pants Tradition line and I made it very simple - for someone like me with NO TIME - it is perfect!

As far as Christmas goes, we haven't had a day of rest around here, a party EVERY single night except for Dec. 2nd but i had school.  None last night, and i have school tonight.  Ethan is turning 8 tomorrow - so we are playing then too, just making it simple this year, taking him to see Tangled (his choice) and this crazy disgusting Chinese restaurant for ham fried rice and noodles :) - it's his birthday - right??  Then we have another party Saturday afternoon, i have one Saturday night, if i can bring myself to go, and we are celebrating Ethan's birthday on Sunday with family, and we have our annual adult Fondue night on Monday - is it sad that i just feel like it is TOO MUCH!  As much as i love it - i feel overwhelmed.  I'm sure school isn't helping that matter, i have 3 Finals next week to - one Wed. one Thurs. and my last one Friday, maybe then i will enjoy the holidays.  I haven't even bought one gift yet, and i am usually done before the month begins.  UGH, okay, the tears are welling up - it's time to change the subject!!  Or maybe just end this post and come back on a happier note :)!



Caroline Krieger said...

Amazing! Your blog is very nice!

Glynis said...

Lookin good!! I love how this mini turned out!
I feel for ya girl. Christmas is always one of the most difficult times for some. Even though its supposed to be a happy time, I find there is so much pressure with so many tasks just to celebrate it can take the merry out of christmas. Hope you find the inspiration you need to get into the spirit of things. I always tell my girlfriend that if it seems too much like work then don't do it. This is supposed to be a time to share with friends and family with or without all the stuff that goes with it.