Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I can't help myself............

if it weren't for Dean, I would have this house decorated for Christmas RIGHT NOW.  We are in the middle of a blizzard, all the more reason to deck the halls...............right??  Anyway, i did get some of the bug out with those ornaments and this layout i did with Lily Bee's Christmas Town line.  Such a great line, with the perfect colors.  This is the kids on Christmas morning, i usually hate Christmas morning pics, but these turned out okay.

The flag stickers in all of the new collections are too die for!  I seem to use them on EVERY layout.  If you can't tell, the tree's are extra's i had from the Spellbinders blog hop.  Thanks for all who commented by the way................holy 503 comments!  I need to go check out who won the big prizes!  
Can't wait for Thanksgiving this weekend, i will have to share a picture of the craft i did for Baylee's pre-school on monday, we are going to attempt making them over at my MIL's  Thursday to break up the day a bit, not have kids running like crazy through the house the entire time, while the men are absolutely clueless because they are too busy watching football :).  Hope everyone has a fabulous Holiday weekend.  We are headed up to Soda Springs on Saturday also to cut down our tree!  Can't wait.
So i registered for my classes for next semester today, i guess it wasn't to terrible if i was willing to do it again right??  I took every class online this time, probably will wait till next fall when Baylee is in Kindergarten to take them at the school.  I took, Math 1010 (assuming i will pass 900 - havn't gotten my final grade yet - could be close ), English 1010, Psychology and another History class.  CRAZY!! 
Anyway, have a good one.


jessica_haley555 said...

Great Christmas page. I love your title.

Becky said...

Hey I am missing you!!
Things have been super busy and wild around here, but would love to look for some time to get together and catch up! (if even for a little dinner!)
Hope all is well for you and that you are managing in this busy time of year with some sanity intact!