Saturday, February 28, 2009

Proud moment

So my little guy go baptized today! I was so proud of him. He's such a good kid and so easy going - there wasn't much questioning on his part - his just has that natural faith. The kind that doesn't waiver easily - hopefully that will stay with him forever. We had lots of family come out and support him and i couldn't be happier about the decision that he made - and was great to see his dad do the baptism. Afterwards - we had had my sister's family, my parents and grandma come over for Pizza and a little Wii sports. Lots of fun - now Dean and Mason our have a little guy time at the Jazz game and the little ones are in bed - i'm feeling some kinda of cold coming on so i'm off to the couch to watch a movie - just wanted to share!! I'm not sure i'll be able to get another post in again before we leave for St. George on Wednsday but i will have lots of pictures to share when i get back on Sunday.
This is the best out of like6 pictures of our family - the rest not so good. But Ethan right here has a mouth chuck full of water from the water fountain - the second after my dad takes this picture he spits it out - dean and I thought the kid barfed everywhere - but of course its just good old Ethan playing tricks on mom and dad - classic!Thanks for stopping by............

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Memory Works Retreat

Just wanted to share some exciting news with my friends and family! First off - i've been a consultant with Memory Works for over 2 years now. Not a very good one (not a good hostess) - but LOVE their system and how it works. They have the best product and the are always on top of the 'new' stuff that comes out. I do a few big book parties a year and then order randomly when i or a friend needs stuff. But they offer a retreat each year for their consultants and friends - whoever wants to come and be pampered and get lots of free stuff and take great classes. Its at the Davis Conference Center here in Layton Utah and is FULL of surprises this year.

I will be partnering with Pink Paislee which is new to Memory Works this year and teaching a class at the retreat.. Such a great company with AMAZING product...........can't say enough good things about them. Here is the link to the sponsors and classes that will be held. I am so excited for the adventure and can't wait to work with them under these circumstances. An amazing opportunity!
Just wanted to share a quick layout too - the new Method Playground challenge went up on Monday to use 5 different papers from 5 different manufactureres - i used the fabulous Feb kit from Studio Calico - the punched out circles are 4 out the 5 and the beautiful green background and the floral pattern are new Studio Calico Papers that i am IN LOVE with - wish i could have more than one sheet of each! If you can't read the journaling - it talks about how traumatized Baylee has been since I went to CHA - if I leave the room she comes to find me and tell me she misses me - she can't be apart from her mama for to long!
Hope everyone has a great weekend - we have Mason's baptism to keep us busy. Will share pictures next week before we leave for ST. George. And by the way - didn't love Chucky Cheese - actually really hated it. But Mason had a great time and that's all that mattered - right? It was his birthday - it just amazed me how many flippen people went there - it was really dirty and over crowded i thought. Next time i will try and talk him in to Toads - a great place alot closer to our house and i think alot funner - they have laser tag, speed car racing, miniature golf - and some of the arcade games too. But i have a whole year to deal with that issue...........

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fancy Pants mixed media books

So thought i better get that depressing post off and move on to some funner happier things. The kids are feeling much better and we all came out of our slump alive! I'm in a much better mood - even though i did snow over a foot here 2 days ago. But today the sun is shining, my fridge is full (just went shopping), Kids are healthy and we have a few fun things coming up in the next few weeks to keep our minds occupied. This coming Monday my oldest turns 8. I can't even believe i'm going to have an 8 year old - that means im getting old!! So i'm looking forward to that - he things he's dragging us to Chucky Cheese! Never been...........! Then The following saturday the 28th he will be getting baptized - so proud of him for making that decision. Then the next week we are leaving for St. George! Dean is doing a Mountain bike race down there on the 7th of March and we've rented a condo. I seriously can't wait - hope its warm down there then. Then after that Spring should be right around the corner right???

So here is a book i did for CHA - i used the new 8x8 mixed media books from Fancy Pants. So awesome - each shape - there are 4 i think - comes with different textures to play with. Acrylic, Chipboard and felt - i used all three in this mini i did about Ethan. The paper is from the On a Whimsey line which seems to be getting most of my attention. The chipboard is from the new 6x6 chipboard sets. Thanks for peeking!
Now off to bake some yummy cookies - I probably bake cookies once a week, but i make sure i save enough for the kids then i give the rest away - i would eat them all if i kept them around - i just need the cookie dough fix then i'm good!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

stir crazy!

The kids are all now officially sick. We've had a rough week with Baylee. She got sick over a week ago and it kept getting progressivly worse so i took her into the doctor and he reminded me that she has secondary asthma and this is commom when she gets a cold - its just never gotten this bad before. She was very weasy and having a hard time breathing. So she put her on a steriod and breathing treatments. As of today - she's a little better but still pretty weasy and can't run around or cry or she has a coughing fit. It's horrible - i feel so bad for her. The steriod thing - will never do again. There has got to be another way to decrease inflamation in the lungs - any of you with asthmatic kids give me your tricks. She was not Baylee - honestly i cried - alot. She was seriously crazy - out of control and very emotional. It was hard to watch - i didn't even finish her perscription because i couldnt deal with it any more - she didn't need to go through that. So now she's still very clingy but back to herself. On Friday i had to go up to Dean's office and tell him i needed a time out - so he pulled himself away from work and I left the house for 20 minutes - went and got my Diet Dr. Pepper and drove for a bit - i felt MUCH better when i returned. And I still havn't left the house since because Mason is now sick with a horrible cough and Ethan started with a runny nose - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So i can' t even get out to church today - and Dean can't help me out being the bishop and all - so here i am trapped at home with a bunch of sicko's - we are on our 2nd movie and i've printed about 12 pictures of for them to color. I'm running out of tricks and its only 11:00am. Im hoping after baylee goes down for her nap the boys and i can play a few games - but its to hard with Baylee up. So that means that i will be missing the gym tomorrow again - the kids are out of school - another day trapped at home. I better stop talking about it before my thoughts put me over the edge. I just really really really need spring to be here - i need some warm weather so we can at least go outside.

I did this layout for a Design Team Challenge over at Studio Calico - it was to lift or be be inspired by the so talented Stephanie Howell - seriously loads of layouts to choose from - they are all amazing but i chose her Caught You layout. This is Baylee gettin down to a little Bruce Springstein during the Super Bowl half time at my parents house. She was having so much fun dancing around i was glad to get some pictures of her in action! Love this color combo - i used Basic Grey, Crate Paper and Dream Street! And that amazing musical background is a scrapblock from Cornish Heritage Farms!
Sorry this was such a downer post - Hope you all have a great Sunday and enjoyed your Valentines. Dean and I watched An Affair to Remember - a super OLDIE that his mom borrowed to us - I was a little skeptical at first but it was SO good!! I just made a nice dinner for the whole family. Dean made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast - the kids thought that was great!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Method PLayground challenge

The new challenge is up over at Method Playground. The challenge is to create a photo collage and use it on your layout. If your not able to do that - then just create your collage on your layout and that works too! COme play with us! Here is my layout - LOVe these pictures of Baylee eating her birthday cupcake on her first birthday!

This is a picture of Baylee sleeping in her big girl bed on Saturday for the first time. We spent the whole day cleaning out her room, taking down the crib and putting her bed up. I was so nervous that she would just get in and out and I would struggle putting her down - but so far - she hasn't gotten out ONCE since i've put here in! Knock on wood! You can see her cheeks and lips are all red because she is sick right now - she's a snot factory! Its bittersweet - my baby is growing up so fast - and with being the last its kinda hard. She's been so easy too - besides all of the struggles when she was born. So yay for the big girl bed!

Hope you all have a good week. Is there anyone out there who takes the initiative on Valentines day so you can make sure you have a good one - or do you wait for DH to do all the work?? Leave me comments and let me know - the day is coming soon and i'm not sure that we are doing anything - i know if I wait though - and he doesn't plan anything - i will just be upset. Sooooooo what is a girl to do??

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

on a personal note............

Just havn't really had much time to put in a personal plug latley. Been so busy with projects and deadlines. So just wanted to show off a few pictures i took just the last few days of the kids.
My sweet Baylee just couldn't get any funner than she is right now. The drama is coming on - but it's usually pretty darn humerous at times that i havn't gotten annoyed by it yet. She can be so sweet too. She always says please and sorry at just the right times and gives random hugs and kisses for no reason. This is right before nap time - i know the Binky needs to go - she's 2 1/2 - but i'm waiting for Dean to put up the big girl bed first - i need it for that. So maybe another month and we'll try taking it away. Ugh - i know it will probably be harder for me than her but just the thought of her getting out of bed and not falling asleep so fast at night just doesn't make me too happy. I've been so lucky with my kids and thier sleeping habits. They go to bed early, NEVER get up at night and Baylee and Mason will sleep in. 9 times out of 10 Ethan is up at 7:00 on the nose regardless of what time he's gone to bed.

This is goofy Ethan on the floor at my mom's house. He was playing ring a round the rosies with Baylee during half time of the Super Bowl. As you can see he's lost his top from tooth! This was eventful - he didn't even know it was loose till Dean mentioned it to him because it was 'hanging' lower than normal. Then for 2 days straight he was petrified of it falling out because he thought he'd never be able to eat again. Then while playing the wii over at a friends he realized that it was missing! It had fallen out onto the carpet and he didn't even know it. My friend Jen and her husband matt had to use the shop vac because they couldn't find and - wala - it showed up in the shop vac! Silly kid - he's definatley a different kid! Can be so sweet - but he is very stubborn and i find myself butting heads with him more often than not. I feel so bad - i need to try harder to bite my tounge at let him be him. Health wise - he's doing great. We really have been blessed. I hear and read so many stories of Cystic Fibrosis taking over and running peoples lives, we are fortunate that we don't have alot of issues right now. His lung function is fantastic! We still have quite a few digestive problems but for the most part - he's doing amazing.Mason - he's just doing great. He's so smart, loving, kind and just an all around good kid. He's enjoying Piano lessons with Grandma, going to Jazz games with his dad and trying his hand at basketball - not so succesfull this far. Sports just don't come naturally to him like they do Ethan - but he tries and if he wants to bad enough he will do great! He is SO smart though. The top of his class in everything. I think he reads faster than me. This is definatley something that is natural for himSo lucky me - i have super great kids and a loving (very busy) husband. I'm thankful everyday for the things in my life that make me happy - and those not so great moments too - which usually out number the good some days!! But i wouldn't change it - i guess its those things that help us grow and be better people .

Here is a layout i did for the OLW challenge - the word was Living - it was so fun to scrap for my selft with whatever paper and product i wanted! ANd the little jump start helped too!

I decided that i didn't want to do a product post from CHA because my cute friend Kirsty Wiseman did a fabulous one - so if your interested in seeing alot of the new goodies - go check them out on this post.