Thursday, August 28, 2008

i've been Tagged!

I was tagged yesterday by the very talented Amy Peterman! Its funny - you don't even know half of the people that visit your blog -some of the ladies I nominated are going to be like - huh - who's that! I need to be better about leaving the comments. Anyways - this is where i go to get my inspiration. i chose a photography, stamping/card making, digital and the others are a combination of things. So here goes!

7 random facts about me:

1. i am a HUGE procastinator (even when its time to somewhere - i seem to wait till the last minute to get ready)
2. I got a tatoo when i was 20 and had it removed the following month
3. I deer hunt with my hubby. I have hunted since i was 14 (yes i shoot them too - don't hate me)
4. I have been with Dean more than half my life. Met when i was 16 and am now 32.
5. I fly fish with Dean too
6. I just recently lost 35 lbs (its all about the food!)
7. I LOVE soda - i hate that i love it - but i do!

Kim Hughes - talk about inspiration! Amazing things - i am a wannabe stamper/card maker - i just suck - and she has such great inspiration on her blog!

Becky Olsen - One of the sweetest women i know - super talented and just a great friend!

Stephanie Howell - need i say more?? Love her blog - very talented - but more than that - just her real life stories and BEAUTIFUL little girls.

Michelle Filo - Okay - so if i were a digital scrapbooker - she would be my idol. SO AMAZING - super talented at both - paper too!

Dina Wakley - She is the defination of an artist to me - you just have to go see for yourself - totally amazing work.

Allison Davis- this is the double page layout QUEEN! Totally go here when i need a jump start for inspiration on 2pagers.

Maggie Holmes - never met her, never even commented on her blog (rude i know) but her photography is seriously Beautiful! Ever need inspiration for both photography and scrapbooking this is the place to go - i think this link is to the photography site!

So here are the rules:

(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.

(2) Link the person you received your award from.

(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

(4) Put links of those on yours.

(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

Thanks again amy for the tag!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New MP challenge and Vegas...

I was in charge of my first challenge of at Method Playground this week. The challenge is to repeat or re-create a design element on your layout - my example - i re-created the trees in this patterned paper by scrapworks! Go check out the blog to see what the other ladies came up with. Hope you can join in - just link your layout over at the MP Blog and i have a box of goodies to send out to the winner!

Dean and I had so much fun in Vegas - we really didn't do a whole lot of anything. We watched like 5 movies in our room - ordered room service and ate like $5.00 bags of M&M's and drank $4.00 bottles of Diet Coke - holy crap that place is expensive. We were just to lazy to go down and get it from downstairs - we were on the 23rd floor and so comfy. We shopped a few different times and laid by the pool on Saturday. It was just relaxing....... the perfect getaway - short and sweet!

We ate Sushi with my friend Carey and her husband Tyler - we went to RA - a place down by the mall - it was pretty darn good - dean is getting me to like this whole sushi thing - its not as bad as I thought i would be - i think its all mental! But it was great to see Carey and spend time her and her hubby!
This is where we stayed - the Bellageio - wow - a FABULOUS hotel!

This is what the ceiling looks like where you check in - aren't the colors amazing!

Here i am in front of Ceasars Palace - we went and shopped at the Forum there. Beautiful - way out of my price range but still fun to browse.

Now we are back to reality - Dean's already off fishing, Mason started school on Monday and loves it and Ethan will start next tuesday - I'm ready for the cool weather - the scheduled days and a change in this fast paced summer we've had.

All you Fancy pants hopefuls out there - i'm crossing my fingers for you - can't wait to check back tomorrow to see who will be joining the team soon! Good luck!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fancy Pants projects

just wanted to share a few projects i did for Fancy Pants this month - the will be used for the Home Shopping Network - Jodi will be there showing off some of their Fab product and kits they will be selling - i will update when i know the dates. I hope the images are big enough so that you can click on them and see the individual pages better - didn't want to post them all. If you can't go here and you can see them all bigger.This layout i used the Create a Calendar stamps again - kinda fun - i just made sure i had my camera with me all week and took some snapshots of our busy schedule. The stamps are perfect for this - or even a monthly layout. The circle is from that stamp set too. The border stamp is from the brushed designs set.
Here is my attempt at a card - i'm not the greatest card maker ever - but here it is. The leaves, welcome and bird are from the Little Star set and the sun is from Create-a-calendar.So thanks for peeking - Dean and I are off to Vegas in the morning for the weekend - i'm so ready for a break - even if its short and sweet. We have absolutley nothing planned other than Sushi with my friend Carey and her husband. I don't care if we hang out and watch movies all day! Dean's birthday is tomorrow so i better get to making a cake for him so the kiddos can celebrate it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

scrapping for CF

well i just surfing a few blogs and came accoss a link on Emilie Ahern's Blog for a website called Scrapping for CF. I about hit the floor when i saw it - as you know my little Ethan suffers from CF and am feeling SUPER DUPER guilty for not pulling together my anual Scrapping event to raise money for CF this year - i kinda just let it go and it should be taking place next month - its way to late for that now - but i can try to get my good family and friends to go check out this website - they are currently holding classes that you pay for and ALL of the proceeds go to CF. There are 5 classes - all taught by scrappers in Austrailia - and even if classes aren't your thing - it would be worth it. Such a great cause and we need so much more support than we have right now - more people need to know what CF is about and what it can do to the ones who have it. They have a page on the site where you can read a few stories of families that deal with it and one who has lost a daughter from it. I know we have come so far - even since Ethan was born - the median age of survival has gone up 1 year each year since he was born. So right now it is 37 - that is amazing - but NOT good enough for me - I want to out live him - I want him to get married and have a family and go to college and get a great job and LOVE LIFE - not suffer or be in pain. My sweet friend Carey who also has a son with CF just lost a close friend to CF recently (hugs to you) - and i havn't been able to stop thinking about it since then - so i guess i need to step up and make sure i'm doing my part so Ethan can live a healthy happy LONG life. This is just small - You can get ALL 5 classes for $28.00 - or each class is $10.00 i think. Go check out the site and see if its something your interested in - the stories will touch your hearts - even if you dont know me personally or know my story. I will get off my soap box now - and I better start getting my ideas together for another crop - if your in Utah and interested in helping in anyway - let me know. This will be supporting the CF foundation in Austrailia - but it all helps - now matter where it is.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MP Challenge

Okay - there is a new challenge up over at Method Playground and we have Stephanie Howell as our guest artist this time around (how lucky are we)!! The challenge was to use a BOW somewhere on our layout - that wasn't hard to do with all my cute Baylee pictures - and it's not even a PINK bow! When i look at it online the top looks crooked - but I cant fix it so its going to have to stay that way. I took these cute pictures of Baylee last fall. Used the new All Fall line from Fancy Pants for the patterned paper and the background is MME and i sprayed it with the Peached Sunkissed Glimmer mist from Tattered Angels - wow - loved the affect it left - other than may paper rolled - i needed to set something heavy on it while it dried - i'll be using it again soon so I will let you know if that works - i actually ended up ironing it to get it flat. Leaves are prima and I added Hambly rub-ons over top of them. Thanks for peeking and go check out Stephanie and the other girls layouts here.

Friday, August 1, 2008

bad blogger

i have been so overwhelmed and stressed i havn't even had a minute to post. Dean has seriously been home 1 night in the last 7 days and i'm going crazy. I actually got a babysitter last night and went and did a little retail therapy - i acutally enjoyed it for the first time in forever. I think losing 32 lbs helped a little - i liked almost everything i tried on which probably wasn't to good for the pocketbook - but i tell Dean - he goes out of town - i shop! Usually right in front of my computer but i enjoyed a night on the town by myself last night. Tonight just me and baylee girl are hanging out - the boys are going camping with Grandma and Grandpa!

We went to Lagoon last week for stake lagoon day - the kids had a ball (dean wasn't there - gone again) - but it was still fun - went with my parents and Karie and her kids. We had a scare a few times - lost baylee - i know - bad mom - I shouldn't have trusted her with anyone but my own eyes -she's at a hard stage where she wanders so easily - luckily we found her. Then Mason got distracted later that night and didn't see us heading for the train - he went straight to security though - i had a gut feeling to go there and he was standing there sobbing - it was so sad. Next time i don't go unless Dean is there or i buy some leashes!! This is Ethan and his cousin Cord on the cars.Baylee and Mason

Baylee and Ethan driving the boatsBaylee hitting Ethan because he was trying to ring 'her' bell!Mason on the helicopter.

This is my sister and I with Mason, Ehan and Cord on rattlesnake rapids - thats me hanging over the edge so i wouldn't get soaked!

In the scrappy world - i'm actually taking a break this weekend - had huge deadlines this week and kinda got stressed out but got a few calls for layouts that i was happy about. One for December ST and the other for BHG Scrapbooks Ect. Was glad one of them was about my inlaws instead of Baylee - been feeling guilty - it seems all i scrapbook is her these days -but she's just so darn cute and i love the girly stuff. My goal is to do a layout of each of the boys before i do one of her again though!

One more exciting bit of info - i am now part of the Design team over at Method Playground - a challenge blog. Super great inspiration and some very talented ladies. Thanks for stopping by.............