Friday, August 15, 2008

scrapping for CF

well i just surfing a few blogs and came accoss a link on Emilie Ahern's Blog for a website called Scrapping for CF. I about hit the floor when i saw it - as you know my little Ethan suffers from CF and am feeling SUPER DUPER guilty for not pulling together my anual Scrapping event to raise money for CF this year - i kinda just let it go and it should be taking place next month - its way to late for that now - but i can try to get my good family and friends to go check out this website - they are currently holding classes that you pay for and ALL of the proceeds go to CF. There are 5 classes - all taught by scrappers in Austrailia - and even if classes aren't your thing - it would be worth it. Such a great cause and we need so much more support than we have right now - more people need to know what CF is about and what it can do to the ones who have it. They have a page on the site where you can read a few stories of families that deal with it and one who has lost a daughter from it. I know we have come so far - even since Ethan was born - the median age of survival has gone up 1 year each year since he was born. So right now it is 37 - that is amazing - but NOT good enough for me - I want to out live him - I want him to get married and have a family and go to college and get a great job and LOVE LIFE - not suffer or be in pain. My sweet friend Carey who also has a son with CF just lost a close friend to CF recently (hugs to you) - and i havn't been able to stop thinking about it since then - so i guess i need to step up and make sure i'm doing my part so Ethan can live a healthy happy LONG life. This is just small - You can get ALL 5 classes for $28.00 - or each class is $10.00 i think. Go check out the site and see if its something your interested in - the stories will touch your hearts - even if you dont know me personally or know my story. I will get off my soap box now - and I better start getting my ideas together for another crop - if your in Utah and interested in helping in anyway - let me know. This will be supporting the CF foundation in Austrailia - but it all helps - now matter where it is.


careymc said...

Brenda, this is awesome. I'm excited to check it out. We must remember that our little guys have so much hope and you take SUCH great care of Ethan (Brenda is an incredible mom to this little boy!!!) - - he is so blessed to have you.

I agree, though, 37 isn't good enough for our boys. Everyone, let's support CF!

(I'll trying calling you back again today - sorry about yesterday). Miss & love you, C

Sasha said...

I soo need to be all over that class hee hee ..

Brandy Jo said...

Sometimes, one more thing is too much. It's taken me a while to learn this, but it's true. It's ok to take a step back, regroup and skip a year on the scrapbook thing! You do great!