Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm seriously obsessed with this book series - honestly i've never read a book (for pleasure) until everyone I know was telling me how great these books were - so I borrowed them to take for the plane ride to Vegas - needless to say I read 2 600 page books in 3 days - staying up till insane hours in the night because i couldn't put them down. I just started the 3rd one and have been a bit more under control - but they are soooo good. So if you havn't read them - i suggest you do! But i have to say - i will never read another book again! I hate how it consumes your thoughts and your days until your done - its like pausing a dang good movie to do things that are necessary for survivial - then back to reading. I should have just waited for the movie to come out..................
Vegas was so fun - I didn't do anything touristy (is that a word?) there - just hung out - we shopped - i will have to take a picture of the RED purse i boughtt - i was a little unsure at first - but Carey assured me that i didn't look like a Hooker walking down the streets of Vegas - out of my box - but I love it now. We went to the movies - made cookies - watched TV and ate some REALLy good food. I was just nice to spend time with her and see her cute family. So Thank you Carey for letting me intrude on your family and Thank you Tyler for letting me have her for the weekend.
On the scrapbooking front - nothing new - I am going this weekend to Sherwood Hills for a little retreat - Dean is going to be in Las Vegas this weekend for business - so i initially had told them i couldn't go - but my SIL brings her whole family - Hubby and kids that are older and he offered to watch my boys up there - they are just going to SWIM and watch movies and hang out in the Hotel - so my wonderful mother said she would watch Baylee so i'm set! Can't wait...........

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here is another layout I did for the Crop - it was a Scraplift Challenge and i had Mel's gallery to choose from and I chose this one . My pictures of my layouts aren't very good they seem blurry -need to try something different.
So Baylee is getting surgery at 7:15am tomorrow morning - wish us luck - i'm sure she'll do fine - they are putting tubes in - the dr. said she would bounce back that day - i'm hoping for that so i don't feel guilty leaving her and heading to Vegas on Thursday (which i am SOOOOO excited for). So I won't be posting again till next week.

Other news on the home front - the cabinets for the new scrap room won't be ready until February 22nd - hopefully. I was PMSing the other day when he was supposed to be here to pick up my 1/2 down payment for them and he was like 2 hours late - and has been such a procastinator with things - just super forgetful - but i heard he does great work and his prices were great (and Dean went to school with him) so i have been giving him the benefit of the doubt. Well Friday I was not having the best day -and he was late so (i still can't beleive i did this) I called his office and left a not so nice voicemail - stating that if he was just to busy and didn't have time for my business that I would take it elsewhere and that i couldn't deal with the flakiness but that if he wanted my business that was great - just do better. Well - he showed up at my house like 15 minutes later - SOOOOOOO nice - apologizing like crazy (hadn't heard my message yet) and proceeds to tell me that he put mine in front of a big builder job so I could get them faster. Okay - I feel like a big JERK - i havn't talked to him since - but after he left - called and left a message on his viocemail again (talk about WUSS - i should have said something to his face while he was here) apologizing for my behavior and blaming it on my bad day. So hopefully my cabinets still come in one piece.

I will talk to you all soon - thanks for all the visits and nice comments!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Online Crop

If anyone is interested we are scrapping away over at the Shaker Box . There are tons of challenges going on right now - I am trying to squeeze some of them in here is one i did for the *Sparkle* Challenge - used a little bit of glitter on the title and then the bling heart! There is something for everyone over there.

and this is baylee trying to yank the flower off of the layout while i'm taking a picture of it!

Dean is in St. George riding his new motorcylce so hopefully that means a little bit more scrapping for me today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

baby its cold outside.......

Dang - it is sooooooo cold today. Dean is off ice-fishing, Ethan is playing Nintendo, MaSon is at School and Baylee is taking a nap - so i am going to try and scrapbook! I took Baylee to the dr. today and she is getting tubes in her ears next Wednsday - and i am leaving that THurdsday to go to Vegas - he assured my she will be feeling fine by then so we are going to do it - I left the decision up to Dean - I am SOOO not missing this trip.

I had a great weekend - Dean and I went out with a couple on Friday night - Saturday i got to scrap with some fun girls most of the day (i didn't get much accomplished) and then that evening Dean and I went to the Jazz game - lots of fun, then Sunday it was my Nephew's 1st birthday - he is such a cutie - and i forgot my camera!

Here are some pictures from the BIG snow storm - i will post something scrappy next time around - Don't forget if you enjoy online Crops we are having one over at the Shaker Box this weekend the 18th through the 21st. Come join in the fun!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

my baby girl

I just had to share these pictures of Baylee - she is such a Ham - i tell her to 'smile' and this she strikes a pose. I'm sad the second picture is blurry because I love it.

So this weekend i get to go scrapping with a few new friends that i met at the crop for Cystic Firbrosis i did a few months ago - Kim , Nicole and Becky and a few others that i don't know. We are going to Heartland paper down in Bountiful - never been but i'm excited to finally get out and go scrapping again!

Also wanted to mention and online crop going on over at the Shaker Box next weekend. SHould be alot of fun - it goes from the 18th-20th. Lots of games and challenges so come join in if you have time!

Well - i've been staring at the same layout for 2 days - i don't know what my deal is but i better get over before Saturday so i can get some things accomplished - FOCUS!! I really think its because my scraproom is turned upside down trying to get it ready for cabinets - which is still another month away - but i need get serious and start purging and organizing! Speaking of organizing - look what i bought - I know its nothing new - but i am so excited to get this - and have my stuff in front of my - i have and out of sight out of mind problem and forget what i have - I'm hoping this helps!

I bought both tiers - it looks pretty darn big - and comes with 80 clips just for the lower tier - si think it will hold quite a bit. THe UPS man should be here any day now!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Card Inspiration........

If you need inspiration to make cards then this is where you need to go - Kim Hughes has a great blog and has created some beautiful stamps for Cornish Heritage Farms . She is giving one away on her blog if you go leave a comment today! Go check it out - and you'll be back for more after you see the cards that she creates!

So i still havn't been able to "Create" - I tried last night and ended up downloading songs from Itunes for my new IPod Dean got me for Christmas (that is addicting). So i'm going to try and cleanup in here a bit more today and find room somewhere to start a layout - even if i just start one i will be happy! I'm betting deans going to watch some Lonesome Dove so maybe i can do it in the Kitchen while i watch! I'm also getting excited for Vegas in a few weeks - i have a great friend that lives down there that i can't wait to see! I'm needing the break - and some warmer weather. Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a happy new year! We spent the evening over at my in-laws playing games and then yesterday down at some more deans family - they do a Trap shoot every year - the girls usually stay in and watch a movie and eat all the food and the guys shoot till there is nothing left to shoot! It was fun.

I'm ready to get back to normal - i feel like i've been out of touch with everyone since before christmas. I miss scrapbooking and having time to just relax! Christmas Decor is down so i've got to start clearing out my office for the cabinets to come in - they won't be finished until Feb - but i swear its going to take that long to do it. Dean and I have been having movie marathons - we got all of the Bourne movies for christmas - wow - they are awesome (first time seeing any of them). And now we started Lonesome Dove (totally dh's pick) its not bad - just super low paced will take 3 or 4 days to finish. Just thought i'd share an older layout since its been a while since i posted anything scrappy! This is baylee on Halloween last year. I have December and Novembers kits from The Shaker Box and can't wait to use them.