Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here is another layout I did for the Crop - it was a Scraplift Challenge and i had Mel's gallery to choose from and I chose this one . My pictures of my layouts aren't very good they seem blurry -need to try something different.
So Baylee is getting surgery at 7:15am tomorrow morning - wish us luck - i'm sure she'll do fine - they are putting tubes in - the dr. said she would bounce back that day - i'm hoping for that so i don't feel guilty leaving her and heading to Vegas on Thursday (which i am SOOOOO excited for). So I won't be posting again till next week.

Other news on the home front - the cabinets for the new scrap room won't be ready until February 22nd - hopefully. I was PMSing the other day when he was supposed to be here to pick up my 1/2 down payment for them and he was like 2 hours late - and has been such a procastinator with things - just super forgetful - but i heard he does great work and his prices were great (and Dean went to school with him) so i have been giving him the benefit of the doubt. Well Friday I was not having the best day -and he was late so (i still can't beleive i did this) I called his office and left a not so nice voicemail - stating that if he was just to busy and didn't have time for my business that I would take it elsewhere and that i couldn't deal with the flakiness but that if he wanted my business that was great - just do better. Well - he showed up at my house like 15 minutes later - SOOOOOOO nice - apologizing like crazy (hadn't heard my message yet) and proceeds to tell me that he put mine in front of a big builder job so I could get them faster. Okay - I feel like a big JERK - i havn't talked to him since - but after he left - called and left a message on his viocemail again (talk about WUSS - i should have said something to his face while he was here) apologizing for my behavior and blaming it on my bad day. So hopefully my cabinets still come in one piece.

I will talk to you all soon - thanks for all the visits and nice comments!


Kara Hansen said...

Breanda I have no idea how I found your blog but I did:) I cant believe how big Bailey is getting last time I saw her she was just little. I hope things are good with you guys:)

Nicole said...

Love this layout Brenda, those circles are just fabulous and I love your color combo.

So I know how the PMSing goes, hopefully you can get your cabinets in soon and life can resume normally.

Jane said...

Brenda let us know about Baylee!

Aline said...

Beautiful layout, Brenda, so lovely!!
Wishing Baylee all the best! :)

Heather said...

Hey Brenda, Hope everything goes well with the surgery, I still have never seen your house, when are you going to have a big party?
Well hope you have fun in Vegas, talk to you later, Heather S.

careymc said...

OK already, get your bum down here.

I can't believe I forgot to ask how Baylee's surgery went. What kind of friend am I?

Can't wait to see you in 15 hours!

careymc said...

OK, you are at my house right now and I'm staring at your Fremont street vixon, you.

laura vegas said...

i love this layout ... the circles are so cute ... and i love the cluster of embellishments ... so cute!

hope everything went ok with your daughters surgery!

carol said...

cute layout! Love the colors! Way to go with the public relations damage control. At least they are just cabinets, it's not like he could spit in your soup.