Thursday, March 27, 2008


over at the SHaker Box this weekend. They made a cute banner to put up on the blogs - but for some reason i can never get them to work. But the Crop starts tomorrow and goes for a week i think. Lots of fun challenges and goodies! Come check it out and sign up today!

I have to share a layout a did with the Studio Calico Kit that was amazing (not my layout - the kit!) It was fun -love the colors and all of the goodies.
The March kit from the Shaker Box should be on my doorstep soon and I can't wait to make some goodness with it! Here are some sneakies - its called Romantic Dream. I have a friend that i'm doing an album for her birthday and this kit is perfect for it!Not much on the personal front - just trying to get through another week. Slowly but surely getting better everyday - i've taught Baylee to climb into her crib by stacking things and pulling the side down - now she won't do it any other way. I had to because dean is not always home at night - well last night he tried to put her in and she threw a huge fit because she wanted to do it herself! I've created a monster - she also just automatically pushes the kitchen chair over to her highchair to climb in..........

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter fun

just wanted to share a few easter pictures. I took 146 pictures over the weekend - it was hard to just pick 5 or 6 - but i managed! We had a great weekend - the kids had fun - baylee was so fun - this is all new to her so it was so fun to watch magic in her eyes when she would find candy or an easter egg.
Uncle Brad helping baylee find som eggs Baylee in her easter dress right before church Baylee trying to eat her candy through the wrapper! Doesn't stop her. Ethan and Baylee Mason and Ethan coloring eggs!I tried to get a good picture of all 3 but couldn't - i had them facing the wrong way - the sun was in their eyes and we were late for church! bummer.A layout i did using some of the kit from November from the Shaker Box and some of the new Basic Grey Sugared line. It is so fun!On this card i used the November kit from the shaker box also and then used my new scripty word stamps from Kim Hughes.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Win a Gift Certificate at the Shaker Box

hey friends - head on over the the Shaker Box and see what Michele is up to -she' s giving away a $25 gift card but you have to sign up by tomorrow night for the drawing. Go check out the details here. You could buy one of the kits with that! Plus there are loads of digi kits. Hurry and go check it out!

probably won't be posting again til Monday - so have a Happy Easter and a good weekend.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

great friends.........

what would we do without good friends. I know right now i would be hating it. With this surgery i would have made it through without them. I got bombarded yesterday by 3 of my friends - one of them said they were coming over for lunch and then the other 2 showed up and they CLEANED my house. Like vacuumed, dusted, even dared do toilets! How lucky am I! I guess they knew I would have tried to clean up a little before they showed up if they had told me. So SHOUT OUT to great friends.

I finallly am getting in the mood to scrapbook! I bought (i won't tell you how much) ALOT of stuff online over the last few days and I can't even stand it - i am stalking the UPS guy - my favorite is this stamp set by Kim Hughes called Pretty Birds - so dang cute. I'm not much of a stamper but she does such cute things with stamps - makes me want to try and learn. I bought 3 of the new Basic Grey lines - Sultry, Sugared and Archiac and some of the yummy embellies and rubons that go with. The funny thing is about BAsic Grey with me - is I buy it - all of it and then harldy use it! I don't know if its to pretty or what - but i did it again. Then i got the new Dill Blossom line from SEI and of course some of the new Fancy Pants stuff which is always yummy! I think i went a little out of control. I got rid of so much stuff before I put my room together that it feels kinda empty in here. I just hope dh isn't home when all of my boxes show up!

My friend Nicole is looking for product that you may no longer want if your looking to purge or have and don't have anything to do with it - go check out her blog.

Last but not least here is a layout i did in January of my cute kiddos!! And this is one of those times i used Basic Grey - but i had this line for like 6 months before i even touched it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Scraproom

Its still not finished and organized - but i have alot in there. I still have alot to bring down and organize though - i will show you when its all done but there have been some people patiently waiting so i will share whats done right now! I'm feeling okay - better than yesterday because i have a friend watching my kids - I had a breakdown last night - I think i just gave my self to much credit and was up doing alot yesterday and by 5:00 i had had enough. My poor kids - i just feel so bad for them - the boys are actually having fun - baylee on the other hand thinks i'm the meanest mom ever and that i'm neglecting her - its so sad! Okay here it is............

I still have to organize the shelves and have a few more decorative things to put up

The 2 on the left are custom to put my 12x12 paper and kits in and the other 2 are regular file size drawers - i will probaby file my alphabet letters in there.This is the inside of one of the paper drawersThis is inside the upper cabinets - i wasn't able to put these white shelves on my countertop because of the low shelf but was happy they fit in here - they will be filled with punches and paint when i'm done.The other side - love that clip it up - but it doesn't fit under my cabinets - so not sure if i will put the upper tier on or not. Love these drawers - still not sure what to put in there - but i'm sure i will find things - the third drawer down has all my stamps and ink pads. (See the garbage hole in the countertop! Love that)This is the top drawer - has all my adhesive and cutters. I need to buy some more of these organization units - i got these 2 at all a dollar a while ago.This is the off office side - the pantry is wonderful. I also got the new flat screen - my other computer would have taken up all of my desk space.The inside of the bottom pantry - i was able to move the shelves up so i could put my To go bags in there.And my BIG fat scanner - i hate this thing with a passion - but it will have to do till a get another one. THe empty space above my computer screen will have a LARGE magnetic board with a black frame for layouts and other things.

Thanks for letting me share - now it would be great if i could actually scrapbook in it. Still not up to it yet - and i need a taller chair for the other side.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

hey everyone...

i'm still at my parents house for now. Surgery was alot more extensive than planned. The plan was to go in Lapriscopically and remove the uterus and left ovary and when the the doctor got in there he said it was a big mess - scar tissue from previous c-sections had caused everthing to just mesh together. My cervix, left ovary and bladder were just a big tangled mess - so he had to open where the previous c-sections scar was and a one hour surgery turned into a 3 hour surgery. I still have a cathedar because he had to cut my bladder and sew it back up. Sorry about the gorry details for some of you - but others wanted to know and i'm still pretty sick so no up to talking much - more than anything i miss my family - its been hard on me. Dean brought the kids by yesterday and it was like baylee didn't even remember me - it was so sad. But i know it will get better and in the long run this is what had to happen - so i'm going to buck up and stop being a boob! Thanks fro all your well wishes and prayers.