Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Scraproom

Its still not finished and organized - but i have alot in there. I still have alot to bring down and organize though - i will show you when its all done but there have been some people patiently waiting so i will share whats done right now! I'm feeling okay - better than yesterday because i have a friend watching my kids - I had a breakdown last night - I think i just gave my self to much credit and was up doing alot yesterday and by 5:00 i had had enough. My poor kids - i just feel so bad for them - the boys are actually having fun - baylee on the other hand thinks i'm the meanest mom ever and that i'm neglecting her - its so sad! Okay here it is............

I still have to organize the shelves and have a few more decorative things to put up

The 2 on the left are custom to put my 12x12 paper and kits in and the other 2 are regular file size drawers - i will probaby file my alphabet letters in there.This is the inside of one of the paper drawersThis is inside the upper cabinets - i wasn't able to put these white shelves on my countertop because of the low shelf but was happy they fit in here - they will be filled with punches and paint when i'm done.The other side - love that clip it up - but it doesn't fit under my cabinets - so not sure if i will put the upper tier on or not. Love these drawers - still not sure what to put in there - but i'm sure i will find things - the third drawer down has all my stamps and ink pads. (See the garbage hole in the countertop! Love that)This is the top drawer - has all my adhesive and cutters. I need to buy some more of these organization units - i got these 2 at all a dollar a while ago.This is the off office side - the pantry is wonderful. I also got the new flat screen - my other computer would have taken up all of my desk space.The inside of the bottom pantry - i was able to move the shelves up so i could put my To go bags in there.And my BIG fat scanner - i hate this thing with a passion - but it will have to do till a get another one. THe empty space above my computer screen will have a LARGE magnetic board with a black frame for layouts and other things.

Thanks for letting me share - now it would be great if i could actually scrapbook in it. Still not up to it yet - and i need a taller chair for the other side.


Jane said...

WOW! It's beautiful!

laura vegas said...

just beautiful! i am in love with those cabinets! the worn, black look ... that is totally what i want in my kitchen and bathrooms! and the countertop ... love it!

hope you're feeling back to normal soon. and you're not a terrible mommy. you'll be back up and around soon ... and she'll forget all about it and decide you're the "bestest mommy ever"! kids are good that way!

careymc said...

Oh Brenda, it's beautiful!!! I am so excited for you to start feeling better and finally get to use it.

So sorry to hear that you aren't there yet. Wish I was closer and could just do something - anything - a meal, or take kids, etc. You are in my thoughts & prayers. Quit expecting so much of yourself and give it time!!!

Miss & love you tons, C

PS - I love the Pepsi cup in the background! You've got those priorities right on par!

Alli said...

BEAUTIFUL room Bee!!!!!! Once you can get in there you won't want to come out!!!!!!!!

Til said...

Gorgeous Bee! I had the same problem with my CIUp too! I brought it home and it didn't fit under the cabinet! You will have so much fun with it when your ready to sit and scrap!

Your not a mean Mommie, a smart one, recoup now so you don't have any relapse and have to prolong it. Your kids are troopers!

Have fun with your new space!

Kim Hughes said... it!!
I am coming to YOUR house :)

Nicole said...

they look amazing!!!
i want to come play at your house:)

hope you are back up and running soon. and your sooo not a bad mommy, don't even think it!

Jordan & Kara Hansen said...

Hey!! Sorry to hear that the surgery didnt go so well. But I hope that you start to feel better soon. I think that your cabinents adn the room look awesome!!! Im not a scrapbooker or anything but I wish I had a room like that just to put stuff in:) Tell Dean that I said hi and I hope that Ethan and all your kids are doing good:)

Becky said...

Girlfriend that is one HOOKED UP craft room!
Hope you get to 100% soon, it really is a bummer when you don't feel right!
Hope to see you soon sweetie!

Lynn said...

B - it looks wonderful! I'm so excited for you. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. (((hugs)))

Linda said...

Your room is so beautiful! Love those 12x12 paper drawers. Hope you are feeling better soon. Try to take it easy too!

carol said...

Wow, what a great space! Lucky You!