Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lucky Me!

I'm not sure if you guys remember a few months ago I won some yummy Making Memory goodies and a Layout by Laura Vegas. Well - she finished the layout and I love it! Its a 2 pager and i love that even more because i can't bring myself to do them very often any more. She used the pics from our 4th of July venture up at the property and i just am so happy with how it turned out! Thank you so much Laura! Here it is: go check out her blog to see close ups! I went up to my sisters house last week and spent the day with her and her kids because her hubby was in ALaska. We had a great time - the kids loved every minute of it. We went to the little zoo they have up there and then rode bikes and watched a movie. So fun - here are a few pictures - i swear i will send them to you soon Karie.

One last thing - got my box from Scrapbook Trends with my layout in it today. Absolutley love this idea book! So much inspiration and fun things for christmas. I was a little disappointed in the way my layout was photographed - its on the very last page and it makes Baylee's face look really bad - real orangy and splotchy (are those words?) - but for the most part i'm happy with it. I will post the layout in a month or so!

Also got this magazine last week - LOVE IT! probably my fav magazine right now besides Scrapbooks ECT. really happy with the way my layout in this one turned out. great picture and description.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New MP challenge!

I swear the weeks go by so fast. It seems like every time i post its for a new challenge - but i guess that just means i'm really bad at updating my blog. This time around the challenge was to use Chipboard in a way that it wasn't intended to be used. I took a Fancy Pants chipboard flower and trimmed off the stem and used it as a scalloped frame. I've been wanting to scrap these old pictures forever and the new line from Fancy Pants Designs the "Daily Grind" is just perfect for them. So here it is: Go check out what the other girls did and join us in the challenge!

Dress up time for Baylee - i can't resist sharing these pictures. My friend Bobbie is always sending her girls clothes my way once they don't fit hers anymore and we get some dang good stuff - her girls are always dressed so cute - so Baylee and i sat down to go through the bag and she wanted to try everything on so i had to take a few pics!

she is so dang cute! And so girly - I love it.

Ethan is feeling much better and is pretty much back to normal (which means he is still whining) but not about EVERYTHING - so that is good.

Nothing else new here other than my sweet husband decided on Saturday night that we needed to do a Classic Western marathon (yipee) - so not a western girl - but it has been nice spending time with him - the movies have been awful. Tonight were taking a break - only 2 left to go. Then its my turn to pick 5! I might just be gaining all that weight back - we both have had popcorn every night and the last 2 - banana bread that i made on Sunday. I better watch it.

Thanks for stopping by............

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a day in the life

of a kid with his tonsils just removed. TORTURE! I was hoping when they removed his tonsils - they would remove his whiner too - but they didn't! In the beginning it wasn't too bad - he just didnt talk - our main struggle was getting medicine down him and getting him to eat and drink - which was a HUGE fight - but if you left him alone - he was fine. Now the whining has come back with a vengence. I know he still doesn't feel well and i so feel bad for him - but nothing comes out of his mouth in a normal voice - its always a whine -someone HELP me! He went back to shool today so that was good - i think he's on the mend - but still won't eat much nor take his meds willingly. It can't be like this much longer - can it?? I hope not.

Enough of that - today I took Baylee to her Kindermusic class - so fun. She loves to sing and dance and her teacher is so animated it cracks me up - she sucks those little ones in like a vacuume - they love it. I want to take the camera - but don't want to bother anyone either - maybe i will get brave one of these weeks. Speaking of pictures - i just uploaded 685 pictures to Walmart to archive - holy crap - i need to do it once a month so it doesn't get so overwhelming. I need to delete more pictures too - i'm still at the 'i can't bear to part with them' stage. So they all go - and they all HOG space on my hard drive.

I will leave you with a layout i did a while back - on my overnight crop back in June - i've been hoarding it for a while - its of Baylee singing! One of my faves so far!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New MP challenge is up.....

So the new Method Playground challenge was a lot of fun. The challenge was to use Wet Paint and play in it - either by stamping and lifting the paint of doodling in it. I kept it simple and painted the rectangle chipboard and used a large polka dot backgrounder stamp from CHF. Very subtle but i like how it turned out. Used the Fancy Pants 'Crush' Line for this layout! I swear it is straight in real life - just couldn't get a good picture with the white background!

Another Fancy Pants layout using the About a boy collection - my fav i think. Love these colors together. And then Ethan got his tonsils out this morning - poor thing is so dang ornery. I feel bad for him. He was sure tough though - i was proud of how he handled it in the hospital. Now its a matter of him taking his meds with out me sitting on him. The did a wash of his lungs too which was really good - they said they were pretty clear. So prayers for him that he will recover quickly!

Thanks for stopping by...............and for your comments on my last layout!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

OLW challenge

i finally put all assignments and deadlines aside and scrapbooked for myself tonight - it was actually kind of nice - the OLW blog challenges always seems to get me in this serious DEEP mood and i can get some of my feelings of my chest and on to paper - this has been bugging me for a while and it was good to just get it out. The word was CHOOSE. I used mostly the August kit from Label Tulip - the rubon letters and the acrylic border are Fancy Pants Designs - and i used my threading water punch for the first time - i know its old news but I LOVE IT!

Here is the journaling because i know its hard to read.

I hope one day that your stubborn personality will come in handy and you will “choose” life. Right now at 5 you are struggling with the fact that you have Cystic Fibrosis and your siblings don’t. You want to know why and how – life just isn’t fair. Every time we have to do treatments it’s a fight – you scream, yell, cry – want to know why you have to wear the vest and feel like it’s the end of the world. I feel like a horrible mom – I finally stooped where I said I never would and told you that if you didn’t do your treatment you would live in the hospital for a very long time and that you could die………I really had good intentions – I only wanted you to understand that I never want that to happen and that I want you to be as strong and healthy as you can so that we can be together as long as possible. I know one day – your stubbornness will help you get through the challenges in life and that you won’t let it get you down – hopefully right now its just a phase – and its my job as your mom to just love you while you go through it.

Okay enough of that - since school has started I was really dreading the early mornings with treatment and for the last 2 days he's done really well - so keep your fingers crossed! Thanks for stopping by!