Monday, September 22, 2008

New MP challenge!

I swear the weeks go by so fast. It seems like every time i post its for a new challenge - but i guess that just means i'm really bad at updating my blog. This time around the challenge was to use Chipboard in a way that it wasn't intended to be used. I took a Fancy Pants chipboard flower and trimmed off the stem and used it as a scalloped frame. I've been wanting to scrap these old pictures forever and the new line from Fancy Pants Designs the "Daily Grind" is just perfect for them. So here it is: Go check out what the other girls did and join us in the challenge!

Dress up time for Baylee - i can't resist sharing these pictures. My friend Bobbie is always sending her girls clothes my way once they don't fit hers anymore and we get some dang good stuff - her girls are always dressed so cute - so Baylee and i sat down to go through the bag and she wanted to try everything on so i had to take a few pics!

she is so dang cute! And so girly - I love it.

Ethan is feeling much better and is pretty much back to normal (which means he is still whining) but not about EVERYTHING - so that is good.

Nothing else new here other than my sweet husband decided on Saturday night that we needed to do a Classic Western marathon (yipee) - so not a western girl - but it has been nice spending time with him - the movies have been awful. Tonight were taking a break - only 2 left to go. Then its my turn to pick 5! I might just be gaining all that weight back - we both have had popcorn every night and the last 2 - banana bread that i made on Sunday. I better watch it.

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Kellie said...

Oh man.. it must be a plain city guy thing, we have "western nights" all the time, usually ends in me falling asleep especially when they are all in black and white. Baylee is a Doll! I love it that she is girlie! SOO FUN

Karie Coats said...

Your nicer than me, western night isn't allowed at my house unless he's down stairs watching it all by himself!
Love the pictures of princess Baylee!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

i love your blog, glad I stopped by xx

Kim Hughes said...


your page is every inch of it Brenda :)

Til said...

I cannot believe how big Bailey is getting!!!! It seems as you just had her yesturday! WOW she is ADORABLE!!! I love, love, love anything cowboy, western , it! In fact I feel like the big Cheese this weekend...I won 2 tickets to the Rodeo! YEEHAW!!!!

Staci said...

What a fun idea for that chipboard Brenda! I love that layout - I saw it in the FP idea gallery :-) Your little girl is SO precious!!

aaronamywilson said...

You are so talented. I love looking at all your scrap book pages. Now I feel like a bad mom all my kids pictures are in a plastic bag waiting to be scrapped. Maybe one day! Bailee is adorable.

laura vegas said...

love the layout brenda! i was just looking at the "daily grind" collection yesterday ... have to order it! and your girlie is so cute ... love when they dress up all pretty!