Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby............

I can't believe she's 4!!  My baby is all grown up - i mean - she acts like she's 15 already too!  She had a great birthday - got lots of fun gifts, her first big girl bike and ate yummy cake and ice cream! And the best part - she could actually blow her candles out on her own this year - i don't know if you remember last year- it taking like 10 minutes before she could blow them out- but it was funny!
I took her over to dean's cousins house and took a few cute pictures of her - she's such a poser.  SHe was coming up with poses all on her own.  "like this mom" she would say.  or "do one while i'm doing this" - she was cracking me up.
These shoes my friend bobbie gave her are so darn cute!! 
Anyways.............enough of that!  Wanted to share a layout i did for the Lily Bee BLog today!  I used the Hello Sunshine line - took the red out and it softened right up for this layout of my nephew Hudson - who is so darn cute- he turns one next week and has the cutest personality!!
And here is one little sneaky peaky of one of thier new lines coming out at CHA this month - its called Catching Fall - LOVE IT.  The embellishments are fabulous - you will have to keep checking the blog for more sneaks!  Also check out THIS POST - if your interested in being a guest designer for Lily Bee in September and winning ALL 3 of the new lines!! 
Thanks for stopping by!!  I have 3 days to get my assignments done so i can start packing up my scraproom!!  Ack! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

New furry friend...........

I feel SO bad i've been MIA lately and pretty much non existent in the online scrappy world - there is so much going on right now with trying to pack for the big move.  Pick colors for paint and carpet, figure out what the heck i'm going to do for furniture in this new house and try to get my husband to agree on letting me refurbish some things - he says he's 'scared' of what our house will look like! Ha!

And somehow we decided a new doggy would be the perfect thing to add to the mix of things.  I feel like a new mommy - like i literally have to babysit him.  ACK!!  It's a good thing he's so cute.  For reals he will yap and yap and the minute i walk out there and sit next him - he lays down and falls asleep - like he just needs me there - which i love - just not right now.  And baylee is scared to death and always has to have me walk her out there so he doesn't tackle her. 
And my princess turns 4 tomorrow - i can't beleive how fast she is growing up.  So crazy - so trying to plan a little get together for that - and in the midst of it all - CHA projects looming over my head.  So i'm not ignoring you - just trying to get through each day without feeling overwhelmed!! 


Friday, July 2, 2010

Lots to share........

Soooooooooooooooooo much going on right now and sooooooooo little time- ecspecially with little rug rats home and trying to keep them busy so they don't fight!  We have gone swimming the last 2 days which has been alot of fun for all of us - but i've fallen behind on all the things that NEED to be done.  I havn't started packing yet- is that crazy??  I think i'm nervous - doesn't seem real yet - i told Dean i would start when we get home from camping this weekend.  We have until July 27th to be out.  Meanwhile i have been going crazy with decorating ideas.  My main inspiration has been Jennifer Johner's house - she doesn't even know, but i've been stalking her blog for weeks and the post that went up on Apartment Therapy with pictures i have had permanantly saved to my hard drive.  I LOVE the colors and decor she has in her home.  So in the next month i'm going to be posting pictures and needing advice from you ladies!  My first will be an UGLY green chair i we found in an old shop to an investment property - to recover or not to recover - that is the question.  I'm going to take pics of it this weekend and post.  My cute SIL Stephanie has an eye for this old vintage style that i'm falling for and is a big help!

Onto some scappiness - I was so excited when the mail man brought this to my front door the other day!!  I don't think i can post my layouts yet - but i will share the front cover because that layout on the very top left of the cover - is MINE.  So cool. This is an Idea book that the fabulous Shimelle Laine did.  I have 2 inside and i think i can share them next month.  I think the only place you can get this in the states is Barnes and Noble.  
this picture is from her blog.
And here is a layout i did last week with Lily Bee's Hello Sunshine line.........went so well with these pictures from our Anniversary trip last year. 
The color is a little off - that background really is white - not sure why it doesn't look that way.  I also used my Silhouette to cut out that fun seaweed.
Had some fun with my sewing machine on the sun and the seaweed too - i love that thing. 

Also - Lily Bee is having a contest for a Guest Designer spot in September - if your interested - head on over to the blog for the details - there are also some sneaks from one of the new lines coming out next month at CHA.

Speaking of CHA - i went and picked up a box from Fancy Pants yesterday that had paper from ALL 4 new lines - you guys are not going to be disappointed AT ALL - to be honest - my favorite to date - all 4 of them are fabulous - I havn't worked with them yet so i can't pick a fave -but i love them.  Also go check out thier new website - they have revamped it and it looks great!

Okay - sorry for the overload of information!!  **Enjoy your 4th of July holiday!!