Monday, July 12, 2010

New furry friend...........

I feel SO bad i've been MIA lately and pretty much non existent in the online scrappy world - there is so much going on right now with trying to pack for the big move.  Pick colors for paint and carpet, figure out what the heck i'm going to do for furniture in this new house and try to get my husband to agree on letting me refurbish some things - he says he's 'scared' of what our house will look like! Ha!

And somehow we decided a new doggy would be the perfect thing to add to the mix of things.  I feel like a new mommy - like i literally have to babysit him.  ACK!!  It's a good thing he's so cute.  For reals he will yap and yap and the minute i walk out there and sit next him - he lays down and falls asleep - like he just needs me there - which i love - just not right now.  And baylee is scared to death and always has to have me walk her out there so he doesn't tackle her. 
And my princess turns 4 tomorrow - i can't beleive how fast she is growing up.  So crazy - so trying to plan a little get together for that - and in the midst of it all - CHA projects looming over my head.  So i'm not ignoring you - just trying to get through each day without feeling overwhelmed!! 



Keshka said...

Good luck with all these new changes!

Deneen said...

Oh Brenda what a cutie!

Brandy Jo said...

i love your dog