Friday, August 1, 2008

bad blogger

i have been so overwhelmed and stressed i havn't even had a minute to post. Dean has seriously been home 1 night in the last 7 days and i'm going crazy. I actually got a babysitter last night and went and did a little retail therapy - i acutally enjoyed it for the first time in forever. I think losing 32 lbs helped a little - i liked almost everything i tried on which probably wasn't to good for the pocketbook - but i tell Dean - he goes out of town - i shop! Usually right in front of my computer but i enjoyed a night on the town by myself last night. Tonight just me and baylee girl are hanging out - the boys are going camping with Grandma and Grandpa!

We went to Lagoon last week for stake lagoon day - the kids had a ball (dean wasn't there - gone again) - but it was still fun - went with my parents and Karie and her kids. We had a scare a few times - lost baylee - i know - bad mom - I shouldn't have trusted her with anyone but my own eyes -she's at a hard stage where she wanders so easily - luckily we found her. Then Mason got distracted later that night and didn't see us heading for the train - he went straight to security though - i had a gut feeling to go there and he was standing there sobbing - it was so sad. Next time i don't go unless Dean is there or i buy some leashes!! This is Ethan and his cousin Cord on the cars.Baylee and Mason

Baylee and Ethan driving the boatsBaylee hitting Ethan because he was trying to ring 'her' bell!Mason on the helicopter.

This is my sister and I with Mason, Ehan and Cord on rattlesnake rapids - thats me hanging over the edge so i wouldn't get soaked!

In the scrappy world - i'm actually taking a break this weekend - had huge deadlines this week and kinda got stressed out but got a few calls for layouts that i was happy about. One for December ST and the other for BHG Scrapbooks Ect. Was glad one of them was about my inlaws instead of Baylee - been feeling guilty - it seems all i scrapbook is her these days -but she's just so darn cute and i love the girly stuff. My goal is to do a layout of each of the boys before i do one of her again though!

One more exciting bit of info - i am now part of the Design team over at Method Playground - a challenge blog. Super great inspiration and some very talented ladies. Thanks for stopping by.............


Becky said...

It looks like hanging over the edge like that didn't do much to avoid the soaking, LOL!
And shopping when you have lost the pounds is so fun, CONGRATS!!!!
Soooooo looking forward to having you share your stuff with the Playground Girls!
And WOOOOOOT on the layouts getting picked up, so fun!!!

Kellie said...

Yeh Scary about the disapearing act of your kids.. Sounds like a few days of retail therapy are what you need! looks like you are keeping yourself plenty busy! your kids are Soo stinkin cute, I just cant get over that Baylee is a little girl, not a baby!

Dustin & Joni said...

The pic of you and Rattle Snake Rapids... Priceless! I love that! We'll scrap soon!!!

careymc said...

Such cute pictures. :) Lagoon looks like a blast! Hey, I'd LOVE to see you on the 22nd!!! I'll take ya any way I can - plan on it!!!

Kimmy said...


I just wanted to let you know I got your box today. Thank you so much!!! :D

I'm gonna go check out that challenge blog now!

laura vegas said...

glad you were able to get a night out and enjoy yourself a little ... we all need that every now and then! fun photos of your day out with the kids too. love that one of your girl protecting "her bell"! lol!

congrats on the pubs too! i just got dec ST and BHG too ... we'll hang out in the pages together. lol! and i know what you mean about spreading the love ... i try really hard to make sure i'm scrapping evenly between the kids. lol!

careymc said...

OK, we're on for the 22nd - hooray! Til then :)

careymc said...

PS - Yes, Ethan & Liam ARE brothers. They were made from the same mold, no doubt. Man, I wish they could hang out together. :(

Kim Hughes said...

congrats on the pubs girl!!

sounds like you had a blast shopping (you so deserve it)