Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Wish List

First i'm going to start off with Holy Crap - Christmas is in 3 days, not sure how that happened!  Next I'm going to share my Studio Calico wish list.  Not going to miss this opportunity :).  My list is pretty long but i will keep it to a minimum - don't want to be too stingy!
  • Mr. Huey White, Cream or Lunch Tray
  • Wood Veneer Stars
  • Notions Flowers
  • Anything from the Elementary line
And for my Santa wish list, I'm not asking for much, just a healthy family, good food, and lots under the tree for the kiddos.  My dad, still thinks he is Santa, and does a good job at taking care of that.  I love his Christmas spirit this time of year, not just because of the gifts, but because of how he loves it so much.  The traditions i did as a kid, he is still doing now.  It is so fun.

I was hoping for the Iphone, but so far, Verizon hasn't gotten their crap together and it looks as though its going to be a few more months.  So i'm not sure if i just get a Verizon phone or hold out - any thoughts??  Other than that i'm good.  The kids lists were pretty mild this year.  I am worried about one thing, Mason, my 10 year old, attached a penny to his letter to Santa, and said if he gets it back, then he will know that Santa is real, not sure what to do with that.  I'm just not ready for him to not have that true Spirit of Christmas, hey, i'm 34 and i still believe, i have never asked my parents, and they never admitted anything to me, and i like it that way. 
Just a few pictures to share before i go:  The first few are the kids with Santa at a family Christmas party.

Baylee had a Christmas dance performance last saturday and it was so darn cute.  It was about being naughty or nice, if you can't tail she has devil horns on under that Halo, and then a devil tail pinned to her bum!  So cute!

And last - a picture of Ethan on his birthday, i can't believe he is 8, and doing so well.  We've been so lucky with his health (knock on wood).  He's such a good boy, loves to test me and push my buttons but he is so thoughtful and has a big heart!
 And i didn't get a picture of Mason (was busy video recording) at his Piano recital last Sunday at Grandma Hurd's.  She has been his teacher for almost 3 years.  I was so proud of him.  He does a great job, i'm glad someone in our family has some musical talent - besides Ethan and his paper jamz guitar :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, for now, i'm enjoying the break from school, not sure what to do with myself, i find myself checking the computer 20 times a day to make sure i don't have to do anything.  I did check final grades last night and saw this.  I was pretty happy.  My math class is just a pass/fail and i barely passed.
Undergraduate Course work
CRN Subject Course Section Course Title Campus Final Grade

45600 HIST 1700 BCJ American Civilization Brigham City Campus B+

45618 HIST 2210 BCJ Introduction to Folklore Brigham City Campus A

45697 MATH 0900 BCU Elements of Algebra Brigham City Campus P@

46951 USU 1350 BCJ Integrated Life Science Brigham City Campus A



Karie Coats said...

Nice job on the grades!!! Next time Baylee has a performance let me know, I need to live vicariously through your girl since I don't have one!

Keshet said...

Congrats, Brenda, I know you worked really hard! So happy for you pursuing this dream along with everyone else going on in your life!

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