Tuesday, September 18, 2007


so i guess having you guess how much we made wasn't a very 'proper' thing to do - because no one did it!! So i will just send Deanna the Rak - and it really was exciting - we raised almost $3800 for the foundation. Thanks for letting me share!


AnneMarie said...

you crack me up!
follow my name to my blog :)

careymc said...

OH my gosh, Brenda! That is AWESOME!!!! CONGRATS!!! :)

Misty said...

That's great you raised so much! So sorry no one played along. I just saw your post and was coming to guess. I wouldn't have came anywhere close though!

Becky said...

That is so terrific Brenda, congrats!!!!
So fun to meet you, and thanks for being such a fun hostess, that crop was FAB!

Jane said...

Oh Brenda my goodness!!!! So great! I'm so so happy for you! Congrats!!!!

Nicole said...

Never did get the final count, how exciting! Thanks again for the fun evening Brenda. You were a great hostess:)