Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what Mother's Day is all about.........

I hope all of you wonderful Mother's out there had a great Mother's Day!!  Like i had said before - i spent the weekend in St. George with my family and my kids.  It was sooooooooooooo much fun.  So relaxing and the kids had a wondeful time - playing in the pool, at the park, watching movies, catching lizards, going on hikes - and lots more!  I will share pictures later.  Just wanted to thank my sister for allowing us to join them and for my parents and the help they were to me since dean wasn't there. 

So on to Mother's Day - we got up and got packed up and were out of there by 9:30 - ready for a 6 hour drive with three kids.  Baylee is not the best traveler in the first place - but she woke up not feeling well.  Her tummy hurt and her throat hurt.  About an hour into the drive -she tells me she needs to throw up - so i pull over - my parents are in front of me and i'm just hoping they notice that we've stopped.  I get her out of the car - and we stand there for a few minutes - i tell her we have to hurry - grandpa and grandma are waiting - so she says - maybe i don't have to - i sit her in her seat - and she pukes - all over herself!  Luckily she had a skirt on and it caught everything from getting all over the car.  I felt so bad for her - she looked ghostly and and just didn't feel well.  Needless to say - 5 hours, 2 walmart sacks, a bread bag (dumped the bread on the front seat), a ziploc bag and a Wendy's cup later - we made it home.  I was not happy (I know it wasn't her fault) - but i still wasn't happy - not sure if i expected an award or fireworks or something when i got home, since i hadn't seen Dean for 9 days, and didn't get really much of any kind of praise (still expecting at this point) or sorry your Mother's Day sucked - but i pouted the rest of the night and felt sorry for myself, took it out on the kids and Dean.  Then woke up the next morning getting kids ready for school and the usual - and realized - that this is what being a Mother is all about.  This is what i do, referee fights, clean up throw up, comfort when in need. And i wouldn't want it any other i felt really really guilty about the way that i acted, at least i was with my kids right!  And i love being a mother - even on those crappy days.

Also want my mom to know how much i LOVE her and what a great Mother and Grandmother she is.  I am so lucky to have her in my life! This is mother's day last year.
Also wanted to share i quick layout i did for the Lily Bee Blog last week.  LOVE how bright and fun this Hello Sunshine line is! 
Banner's have been all the rage for the last little bit - and i finally decided to give it a try and love the way it turned out - so fun - i will definatley be incorporating them into my work more often.

One more bit of fun news - Go check out the Fancy Pants website and see the 2 new lines the were just released!  Havn't gotten my hands on them yet - but they look fabulous!! 



Elena said...

It´s is difficult to be a mum... and we have the right to feel bad from time to time!!! Love your LO.

Casey Wright said...

Love your LO - they are beautiful! Especially like the spritz in the background - just so pretty!

Kathy Martin said...

OMGosh, what a fabulous page! And great pic of you and mom! :)

Keshka said...

Love the misting on this one!

Stephanie said...

I am so glad you had a good time in the deserved some R&R. A 6 hour drive with kids is a challenge in itself, but with a sick one- You totally deserve an award!

Love your new pages. That banner is darling.

piradee talvanna said...

adore this layout... absolutely stunning and so glad that you had a great time :)