Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FP Sneaks are up!

The sneaks are up on the Fancy Pants blog - i've been anxious to share them.  I will share projects as they are put up on the blog!  They are all fabulous - my favorite is Road Show - i seriously can't get enough of it.  You'll love it too - they are all fun to work with.

Today Baylee and I went on a field trip to the Airplane museum - and my camera died after just a few pictures - which weren't even good anyways because of the lighting. So no pictures to share.  It's still snowy and yucky here - i'm ready for a change - i'm ready to get out of this slump that i am in.  I think the kids are there with me.  It seems like we struggle every day just to get to bedtime.  Everyone is getting on each other's nerves, Baylee and Ethan fight like crazy - is that wierd - she is so much younger than him (3.5 years) i didn't expect it - but its really sad - when your 3 year old says (this is this morning) "Mom, Ethan smiled at me - i think he likes me today".  I mean come on - that is sad.  I know that she can be bossy at times but i think she feeds off of what's going on around her - so if Ethan is being mean or everything she is doing irritates him and he lets her know - she irritates him more - just to get a reaction out of him.  I'm not really sure what to do - but something needs to change, we need seperate quarters in our house so they don't have to be near eachother.  Thats why i need spring - that's why i need winter to end, so they can go outside and have their space.
Working with all of this new spring/summer product has been a great mood booster - the bright colors - scrapping beach and summer pictures - so fun.
Hope everyone has a fabulous day, Dean came home last night from his one day trip, packed his bag, took us to dinner at Bella's and left from there for his next trip to Reno - so we are on our own for the next few days.  Wish me luck!



jacque4u2c said...

Wow! These look fantastic! I am actually lovin' all of them!

Keshka said...

Your favorite is mine, too! Wishing you luck:)

lisa truesdell said...

beautiful lines - i can't wait to see what you've done with them.

and hang in there - we've got the same kind of moods here, and it's just hard!

laterg8r said...

oooh, i love me some fancy pants - these are great lines :D

i hope you get some good weather soon :D

Til said...

Hey Mama Bee! Hope all is well....still pluggin along over at we are in teh process of upgrading our gallery , kinda going real LOL!!! Been seeing your work in magazines...kudos to you!! Come check in!!! Miss you!

Tynel said...

Your work is amazing! I totally here you on the winter blues and daddy's traveling! Hang in there!

Karie Coats said...

So we need to plan something while Dean is gone! I'm in a slump too!