Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fancy This..........

It was my turn for the blog project this week and i made this fun Cork Board to hold my favorite pictures.  It seems like my pictures that i have ready to scrapbook next - or have an assigment for - always get lost - and i'm reprinting - so now - if i put them here - they will be right there ready for me to play with!!  If you want instructions on how to make the board - head over to the Fancy Pants blog.  I bought it at Micheals and its 12x12 in size. 

So we had a great new year other than i had a cold.  New years day - Dean decided to take kids sledding over at the park.  We just hooked a sled up to the Terex and pulled them behind it - they loved it!!

So i have been loveing everyones Best Of 2009 blog posts.  I'm thinking about doing one - but not sure what it will be - Fave layouts, Fave products, Fave moments........ we will see.
I do know that i have a goal to scrapbook MORE.  It's really sad - i figured it out and have only scrapbooked 3 layouts since my surgery on November 12th - wow - thats sad.  I can tell too - i don't have the umph.  I havn't had the time to submit much either.  That's all going to change though........the new products are all coming out - and from what i've seen - from Lily Bee, GCD, and Fancy Pants - I'm not going to have any problem with my mojo!!  Its just making the time for myself again.....
So i hope all of you are making and keeping your resolutions and enjoying the new year.  I have to say January and February - i really struggle with the gloomy cold - kinda get down in the dumps.  Its a good thing we have Disney the first of March to give me something to look forward too - Baylee was cyring yesterday because she doesn't want to see Captain Hook - it went a little something like this......
"Mom, are we going to see Captain Hook when we go to Disneyland"
me " I'm sure we will sweetie"
Baylee " No, No, No - i don't want to see him"
me "Why"
Baylee "He is mean!"
me "no he's not sweetie"
Baylee " He was SOOO mean to Wendy mom"
me "honey, it's just a costume - there is nothing to be afraid of"
Baylee "okay "
onto her business like nothing happened.  She was literally lying on the floor throwing a fit because she didn't want to see Captain Hook - this is going to be so fun - she's at the perfect age!

Have a great day!


Glynis said...

What a great way to keep those photos safe. I adore this message board!

Karie Coats said...

Cute Cork board. I might have to try that out!!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

that is such a terrific idea!!! might have to lift it!

Jill said...

Brenda, that board is SO full of charming details. LOVE it! Good luck with the whole Captain Hook complex! Maybe you can work on telling her Peter Pan "sequels," focusing on how Hook learned his lesson and reformed his ways. :) He was just a lost boy who was never found.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous corkboard Brenda. And I love your pics!!

laterg8r said...

the cork board is a great idea and beautiful too :D

she is definitely at a perfect age - take her to see tink at pixie hollow :D

lisa truesdell said...

omgosh, that looks like fun! and YAY for having disney to look forward to - you're right, these months need some breaking up!