Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my little Cheerleader

sorry its been such a long time since i last posted - i was kinda sick - it was strange - just VERY tired and a dry cough - but i finally went and got on an antibtiotic and am started to feel human again.  But this last weekend Baylee was able to do a little cheer camp and then on Friday night did a little dance at our Highschool Basketball teams halftime - it was sooooooooooo darn cute!! 

i just had to show this back shot so you could so how curly her hair is - that is NATURAL curl.  How lucky is she.  She does get it from me - but mine is about gone now. it decides itself when its going to be curly.  So i love love her hair - other than it gets very snarly very fast.  So there is my little cheer leader - she did so good. And believe it or not - she still has that paw print tatoo on her face - she wont let me wipe it off - its looking pretty sad now though.

Onto some scrappy news - This is my last month with GCD Studios.  So sad - i can't believe it has already been a year - not sure where the time went.  They have been so generous and such a great company to work for - so if your interested in being on the team - check out this post - and try out!  I thought i would share a layout i did using the new Homespun Chic line by Melody Ross - by far my favorite!  the yellow in the background looks super light in this picture - its not that light!

Thanks for stopping by - i've got lots on my plate this month - Mason turning 9 on the 23rd, Valentines Day, Scout dinner, Relief Society retreat - overnighter - should be fun and then Disney land coming up 4 weeks from yesterday!  Holy moly!  Lots to do!  Thanks for stopping by!


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jacque4u2c said...

I would give anything if my daughter had that beautiful curl! It is straight! straight! straight! Did I mention how straight her hair is!!! lol! Great layout! I just love how colorful it is!