Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The boys caught some big fish! Ethan's was the biggest - he pulled this thing in with his 3ft Scooby Doo pole!

Baylee didn't love her life jacket - but took a few naps in it.

The boys swam in 50 degree water in their underwear! They had a ball.

Back from Vacation! Were back from Hebgen lake - 3 days later and i'm finally starting to feel like myself again. The house is back in order (not clean-just picked up). So last night i finally sat down and scrapbooked! I loved it! I'm not sure if i'm going to enter this one in MMM but so i'm not going to post it yet. So the kids absolutley loved the trip. We fished and cruised around in the boat, hung out around the campfire with Grandma and Grandpa Hurd, we even made it into West Yellowstone on Friday night and went to the Museums and the Grizzley Park. I wanted to go into Yellowstone Park but we really needed one more day. The Hotel was definatley the right decision for this trip. It worked out great - everyone slept well and had lots of FUN!! It was Beautiful there. I think we will be making that a yearly thing.
Okay I know my pictures are all over the place but i'm not sure how to organize them on the post. Still need to work on that.
Well - i'm off to the hospital - had some friends of ours in a motorcycle accident and i'm going up to see her .
One more thing - i have to add these little tidbits about Baylee so i will remember when she did things - she stood up on the stairs today - crawled over there and when i walked in the room was standing at the bottom step - so cute!! She's getting big to fast - its making me kinda sad.


Carol said...

Looks like fun! Sorry we missed it. Cute photos!

AnneMarie said...

awesome time- take my crew next time!!!!

careymc said...

Those pics. are great!!! What a darling family, Brenda. Looks like a lot of fun (even for this city gal...).

UGH! Ethan cultured pseudomonas??? I remember the feeling I had when Liam 1st cultured sort of made the CF thing a little too real. Thank goodness for TOBI - it's good stuff! We seriously noticed a difference after Liam inhaled it ONCE!!! He's only cultured it twice and it's been gone for 6 years now (knock on wood).