Monday, June 18, 2007

I can Fly!

Well - we had a crazy busy Father's Day weekend. Dean's family was involved in the opening of the Soleman Center in downtown Ogden. The new hotspot - they have a Golds Gym in there. The Grand opening was friday night - and Dean's cousin Casey and his wife were awesome enough to get us tickets (they were $25.00 a pop). They also gave us 2 slots for the sky adventure which is a wind tunnel and its kinda like sky diving. So Mason and I did it. It was so dang fun. I was so proud watching Mason do something so crazy!

We had a blast. Then we went and toured the new gym (makes me want to actually work out - maybe)! Then we took the kiddos to FatCats which is downstairs and did the bumper cars, played arcade games, ski ball and ate good food!

Saturday we spent the evening up at the property with Dad and Mom and Karie and her family - and of course the kids had fun getting dirty! We let them play in the river, they rode 4 wheelers and and played on the slide.

Sunday we spent with Dean's family. We are lucky to have 2 great fathers. And i am lucky that Dean is such a great dad to our kids. They just love him to death - and its to cute to watch him with his baby girl - he seriously can't get enough of her. So here are few pics from Fathers day - i'm mad i didn't get any with my Dad - i totally spaced it!


careymc said...

These pictures are darling!!! Baylee is getting so big! Looks like you had fun "sky diving" - - even that would probably scare me. :) I miss you!!!

Carol said...

That wind tunnel looks like so much fun! Your photos turned out great. I think I was taking a shot from the side at the same time that you took photo #1!