Thursday, June 14, 2007

I finally did it!

I got the camera that i have drooling over today. I am so loving it - I got the Nikon D40 - with an extra lense (55-200mm). I tortured mom and the kids today taking pictures. I can totally tell a difference. I definatley have a lot of reading to do and need alot of practice but i can't wait to play. I got the kids thier own little cheap digi camera's - they were only $20 - but that may have been a mistake - they were worse than me running around taking pictures of everything - making me pose and smile! Now i know how they feel!

I'm going down to Salt Lake to get Ethan re-cultured tomorrow so i'm thinking maybe i will stop at the Children's museum down in Salt Lake and let the kids play. I won't know the results for another week - but i will keep you posted.

I got some fun stamps in the mail last week from I don't know how many of you know but i have designed for for over a year now and we get sponsered by manufacturers and they send us thier product and we make LO's and upload them to the gallery to showcase thier products. Anyways - i got some great stamps so i used the doodles to make this LO of Baylee and Ethan.

I've been in the groove lately and scrapping alot lately! Well of to bed to dream of what i can take more pictures of tomorrow!!


careymc said...

You are so talented, my friend. I wish I could scrap like that!!!

PLEASE keep me posted on Ethan's culture results. How is the TOBI going? Have you noticed a difference???

I didn't know they made kids digitals - where can I find them? My boys would eat that up!!!

I'm missing you oodles especially this week. I hate that you are so far away. We need to plan something....

AnneMarie said...

you gotta love a good camera- makes all the difference in your photos and makes you want to learn more about photography!!! simply wonderful!!!

I gotta get my stamps out and play with them too :)

Carol said...

Congrats on the camera! The more you learn, the more fun it is!