Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Weekdend

We had a great weekend. We spent most of our time up at the property. The kids and I went up with friends on Saturday and then we all went on Sunday for a Family BBQ with the Buckleys and Grandma. I just love it up there - so beautiful and serene - and the boys are so in thier element and love being in the outdoors - it does help that Grandpa built a swingset/slide and sandbox up there.

Mason built a trap for a Mountain Lion (meat on a stick and all)
Baylee looking like a big girl in her camping chair and my bottle of water. And Ethan playing on the slide.

I obviously need to learn how to insert the photos in the right spots - couldn't figure it out. Too late for tonight - we are leaving for Hebgen Lake in the morning and won't be back until Saturday. I think i'm going to go through Scrapbooking withdrawels. I havn't done it for a week trying to get ready for this trip and enjoying family time last weekend. I thought about bringing it with me but i'd probably get in trouble - and it for sure wouldn't fit in the car! I'll take lots of pics and post when i get back!

oh - Baylee officially started to crawl on Sunday morning - she's a slow poke but she can do it. It is so dang cute.

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careymc said...

You rock!!! Your blog is looking so great. I can't believe how much Bailee has grown since I saw her last - what a doll. :) I miss your cute kids. One of these days, Ethan and Liam will be playing at the park in their matching CF t-shirts. :)