Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lily Bee Projects

Okay - i know its late tomorrow - but its tomorrow.  I honestly don't know what happened to my day - i felt like a taxi cab driver - im sure alot of you can relate, but goodness - i was in my car on and off all afternoon!! Dance here, basketball practice there - for both boys - at 2 different times and places.  Okay enough complaining - other than i was driving in a snow storm at 7:00 a.m. this morning on our way to Primary Childrens, we made it there safe - a half hour late - but safe!  Every thing went well for the most part - we don't get results from the cultures for a week or so.  THey did say they thought he might have a blockage because of all the belly aches - so we did x-rays and will wait to here on that too.  He was born with Meconim Illius which is a blockage caused from the Cystic Fibrosis - he had surgery to remove it.  Then was hospitalized again at 7 months old for the same thing.  THey say kids born with MI (which is only about 10% of the CF population) have reoccurring problems with this.  Hopefully we will get good results.  Other than that - he sounded good, had great PFT's which is also promising.  So onto the scrappy stuff............

Here are my Lily Bee Projects:

So thanks for taking a peek.  I have another busy busy day tomorrow - but will be back soon.  I actually havn't scrapped a thing since i turned in my assignments but am ready to dive back in.  This time - my neglected Studio Calico kits - i miss them SOOOOOOOOO much.  I think i'm going on three months that i havn't used one.  I always look at them wishing i had the time to play but havn't used one.  So that's my goal - to make at least 3 things a month with my kits.  

I'm hitting the sack early AGAIN - this will make the 3rd night i've gone to bed before 10:00 - not sure what the deal is but hopefully it ends soon. 


Monday, January 25, 2010

Fancy Pants Projects

Just coming to share the projects i did with the new Fancy Pants lines.  Hope you like! The first two are the the Road Show line which is my favorite.  I  LOVE THE COLORS and the distressing.  I will share more of the Monteray mini album later.  And i know you've seen this picture scrapped before - but i couldn't help but use it again.

I was really struggling inserting my text between pictures for some reason - but the Family line i scrapped our Family pictures AGAIN, different pose this time.  It went so well with this line.  I used alot of glitter cuts on this layout - i cut them in half so i could use them on the top and bottom of different elements on the layout.

And last but not least - the Rusted Sun line - i used these cute cute pictures of Dean's cousins little girl from our Disney cruise - the colors were perfect for this line.

So thanks for peeking and i will be back tomorrow for the rest of my Lily Bee projects!  There is some amazing projects up on the blog now if you want to go check them out.

Then Memory Works has posted the rest of the images from my Simple Stories ALbum on thier blog - so go check that out!

So on a personal note - my quick trip to Reno to see Dean was amazing and very well needed.  I wasn't there more than 24 hours but we had a great time.  Ate good food, watched 3 movies and listened to alot of music on the 8 hour drive home.  It was great spending time with him.

Tomorrow morning i'm headed down to Salt Lake for Ethan's pulmonary check up - wish us well.  He's kinda been hanging on to something for quite a while now seems like for over a month he has either been sniffling, coughing or clearing his throat - but never really had a cold.  Lets hope for no infections!  I will report tomorrow when we get back.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FP Sneaks are up!

The sneaks are up on the Fancy Pants blog - i've been anxious to share them.  I will share projects as they are put up on the blog!  They are all fabulous - my favorite is Road Show - i seriously can't get enough of it.  You'll love it too - they are all fun to work with.

Today Baylee and I went on a field trip to the Airplane museum - and my camera died after just a few pictures - which weren't even good anyways because of the lighting. So no pictures to share.  It's still snowy and yucky here - i'm ready for a change - i'm ready to get out of this slump that i am in.  I think the kids are there with me.  It seems like we struggle every day just to get to bedtime.  Everyone is getting on each other's nerves, Baylee and Ethan fight like crazy - is that wierd - she is so much younger than him (3.5 years) i didn't expect it - but its really sad - when your 3 year old says (this is this morning) "Mom, Ethan smiled at me - i think he likes me today".  I mean come on - that is sad.  I know that she can be bossy at times but i think she feeds off of what's going on around her - so if Ethan is being mean or everything she is doing irritates him and he lets her know - she irritates him more - just to get a reaction out of him.  I'm not really sure what to do - but something needs to change, we need seperate quarters in our house so they don't have to be near eachother.  Thats why i need spring - that's why i need winter to end, so they can go outside and have their space.
Working with all of this new spring/summer product has been a great mood booster - the bright colors - scrapping beach and summer pictures - so fun.
Hope everyone has a fabulous day, Dean came home last night from his one day trip, packed his bag, took us to dinner at Bella's and left from there for his next trip to Reno - so we are on our own for the next few days.  Wish me luck!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Simple Stories preview....

i know your still patiently waiting for some Fancy Pants previews -
they are coming i promise - but in the meantime i have some fun things
to show you!  My album i did for Memory Works new line is done!
I have to say i learned alot about the way is scrapbook. I'm very un-
organized and scrapbook what i want when i want to - in no particular
order.  This is the first album i've ever completed from beginning to end.
January 1st - to December 31st 2009.  And i'm really happy with how
it turned out.  The paper and stickers in this kit are too die for - i love the
distressing and the muted colors.  So fun - and i feel like they went well
with all of my pictures - i didn't have to turn any of them black and white
to avoid chaos.  So this is just the cover page and he the backside -
because it shows through the other side of the page protector.

Make sure you go check out the blog - Simple Stories. It will give you a better idea of
how the system works and how you can get your albums done fast.  I will show you more
of the album when i get the pictures back!

Life is good on the Hurd home front other than Dean is out of town for work.  He is in Kanab tonight, will be back tomorrow and then is leaving again for Reno.  The only good thing about it is - I get to fly out Friday morning and hang out with him for a few days!  Looking forward to it.  So no school again here tomorrow - today was a long day - snowy, cold and no school, hopefully tomorrow we can find something to do to pass the time - i might take them to the new Alvin and the Chipmunks show........not sure yet.

**Make sure to keep checking in for more sneaks..........


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lily Bee love.........

really people - i'm not exagerating when i say this is the best yet from Lily Bee.  I started yesterday afternoon and was able to do 2 layouts and a card before 10:00pm - that would be a record for me.  Anyway - here are a few sneaky peeks!  The bright line is Hello Sunshine - and there is a layout up on the blog by Stephanie Howell that is so darn cute using this line.  THe other line (my fave) is Lovely!  The browns, oranges and blues are heavenly!  So here are your sneaks!!

Just pretent there is a brown chipboard button over that blue circle - i didn't have them yet.  Same with layouts thats why i didn't share the whole thing - but you get the idea right?  I love that houndstooth paper too!

Be back for more sneaks soon - Fancy Pants this time!!

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Homespun Chic

I love all of the hype that goes on around CHA - its so fun to see all the new product coming out from each manufacturere - its even more fun to have your hands in it and to be creating with all of this fabulous product.  GCD Studios is no exception. Melody Ross out did herself this time with Homespun CHic (it's the only collection i have right now).  Do you know how many embellishments and papers are in this collection??  ALOT!  I couldn't believe it when i opened my box.  And when i scrapped, i didn't feel like i had to pull from here or there to complete my projects - it was all right in front of me!  I created a few cards, and you can see a tiny sneak of a layout i did too!!

Let's just say, there are border strips, jewels, epoxy stickers, recipe cards, chipboard elements, glitter acrylic accents, glitter brads, buttons............the list goes on - but that is what i used in my projects!
These are just a few of my favorites - if you want to see the entire collections - check out this post and the few posts underneath it!  And Check out the interview with Melody and Moxie Fab right here!!  I had never been over to Moxie Fab - but i love it and will be back more!!
There is a teeny tiny sneak of Lily Bee over on this post at the blog - and Fancy Pants - there are no sneaks - but i do have everything in my hot little hands and of course they never cease to amaze me each time.  I love that company - I love working for them, the friendships i've formed and the growth i've had from being a part of it.  blah blah blah - i know - i just am grateful for the opportunities that i have and feel so blessed to be in this industry and friends i've made and the confidence and strength that i have gained from it.  Now i better get my rear in gear - i have ALOT to do - i'm trying to finish up Simple Stories (your going to love this - not what i did - the system itself is amazing) so i can move on to the next projects. 

Have a great day!  I'm home with a sick kiddo - so hopefully your day will be better than mine :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fancy This..........

It was my turn for the blog project this week and i made this fun Cork Board to hold my favorite pictures.  It seems like my pictures that i have ready to scrapbook next - or have an assigment for - always get lost - and i'm reprinting - so now - if i put them here - they will be right there ready for me to play with!!  If you want instructions on how to make the board - head over to the Fancy Pants blog.  I bought it at Micheals and its 12x12 in size. 

So we had a great new year other than i had a cold.  New years day - Dean decided to take kids sledding over at the park.  We just hooked a sled up to the Terex and pulled them behind it - they loved it!!

So i have been loveing everyones Best Of 2009 blog posts.  I'm thinking about doing one - but not sure what it will be - Fave layouts, Fave products, Fave moments........ we will see.
I do know that i have a goal to scrapbook MORE.  It's really sad - i figured it out and have only scrapbooked 3 layouts since my surgery on November 12th - wow - thats sad.  I can tell too - i don't have the umph.  I havn't had the time to submit much either.  That's all going to change though........the new products are all coming out - and from what i've seen - from Lily Bee, GCD, and Fancy Pants - I'm not going to have any problem with my mojo!!  Its just making the time for myself again.....
So i hope all of you are making and keeping your resolutions and enjoying the new year.  I have to say January and February - i really struggle with the gloomy cold - kinda get down in the dumps.  Its a good thing we have Disney the first of March to give me something to look forward too - Baylee was cyring yesterday because she doesn't want to see Captain Hook - it went a little something like this......
"Mom, are we going to see Captain Hook when we go to Disneyland"
me " I'm sure we will sweetie"
Baylee " No, No, No - i don't want to see him"
me "Why"
Baylee "He is mean!"
me "no he's not sweetie"
Baylee " He was SOOO mean to Wendy mom"
me "honey, it's just a costume - there is nothing to be afraid of"
Baylee "okay "
onto her business like nothing happened.  She was literally lying on the floor throwing a fit because she didn't want to see Captain Hook - this is going to be so fun - she's at the perfect age!

Have a great day!