Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to me..........

Yep!  Today is my Birthday!  I'm a big fat 34!  Feeling a little old.  Didn't do anything exciting today - we actually had HORRIBLE weather - it was a blizzard most of the day.  I was a little bummed - i was hoping for a great day and some outside fun.  We had a BBQ planned with some family - still did it - but Dean had to grill in the garage - a little strange eating hamburgers and hotdogs inside - watching the  snow outside.  But all in all it was a great day - i was with my family - and that made it great. Dean made the yummy cake too.
I have a few Fancy Pants Projects to share with you the very last minute of the month.  It's been crazy around here and i haven't had much time to scrap - that needs to change!!  Anyways - if you don't remember - we teamed up with Tattered Angels this month - i have to say I LOVE MISTS - they are so fun and so versatile - its amazing what you can do with them.  This first project i took the chipboard letters - punched the center out and used Candy Apple Red to cover the white so when i added the glitter - the white didn't show through.  Then covered the letters with Martha Stewarts glitter (might be a new addiction of mine!). I also used a stencil down in the bottom right corner. 
With the second layout i used Candy Apple Red AGAIN - must have been stuck on red - there a tons of colors to choose from though - i created a frame this time - i cut a rectangle shape from cardstock the size i wanted my frame - I temporarily adhered it to the layout and sprayed - when i removed the cardstock i had a great frame - then i stitched around it.  I also used the 2 acrylic stars in the top left as stamps before adhering them - i simply sprayed the stars, turned them over and pressed firmly onto the cardsock - the perfect stamp! It leaves a beautiful distressed image. 
Aren't those pictures great!  They are Mason's first christmas - 8 years ago!  I used the Frosted line from Fancy Pants for this layout - the red letters are from the new Winter release. 

Well - thats about it for tonight - i know i owe you some Disneyland pictures too - and i will get to them hopefully over spring break - since its freezing outside and we won't be out playing. 

Also wanted to explain the blinkie on the sidebar - the Great Strides walk is coming up in May and we have started our fundraising efforts - if you click on it - it will take you to my homepage at - i will post the letter here soon.  Thanks for your support!  My email is STILL down so i think is officially my new email address - i just hope i can eventually get it and recover my contacts - i had so many and can't remember any of them. 



TheDooleys4 said...

Happy Birthday Brenda!

Karie Coats said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! Dang Snow! Cute Layouts! Just remember to print a copy of your contacts this go around! I had to do that when I quit Zions!

just me and z said...

Happy Birthday! (love your hair, by the way!) I hope you had a great day. Sorry the weather was so yucky. Hopefully it will be better this weekend for easter! :)

laura vegas said...

happy belated birthday brenda! cute photos of you and bailey! and love the layouts. i'm still wanting to try glimmer mists .. but i don't have anywhere around here that sells them, and just havn't gotten around to ordering any. one of these days :)