Thursday, March 4, 2010

where is spring??

**Closed contest below- will post winner tomorrow - not to many to choose from!

we had a teeny tiny teaser yesterday with some wonderful weather - it was only about 55 - but my kids were outside FOREVER!  THey loved it - and so did mommy!  It was good for all of us - i can't beleive i didn't take any pictures either - but today - we are back to movies and rain.  Blah!  Disneyland is 4 days and counting - i can do 4 days!  Hopefully by the time we get back mid march it will be somewhat spring out.  Just wanted to  pop in and share a few Fancy Pants things - we are partnering up with Tattered Angels this month and were able to get some yummy product to play with i used Olive on this layout....... first a layout i did for todays blog post - showcasing Road Show rub-ons - i adore this line!  And these pictures are my favorite of the 3 of them - it was on her blessing day.  She was so tiny - and now she's all grown up - about 5 minutes ago she said "i am so sick of you mommy"  hmmm - i think her and i may spend WAY too much time together.
And did i mention that she had CHICKEN POX last week - think i forgot to mention that.  I had no idea till they started to scab over......i just kept putting desitin on her poor itchy bum.  That is the only place she got them and i think that is why i didn't realize what they were - even though my dad had shingles (adult version of chicken pox) the few weeks before that.  Glad that's over - but i have to say it was pretty easy - and very mild.  Lucky me.

The second bit of fun to share are these fun card kits that you can buy from Fancy Pants Designs.  I was lucky enough to help Jodi out with these kits - i designed the cards for Rusted Sun and About a Girl - but they have them for all 4 lines.  Each kit comes with the product and instructions for each card.
 Thanks for stopping by - and i will be back again tomorrow with the winner and one last post before the trip!



jacque4u2c said...

I just love all the details and elements that you used on this layout! Just stunning!

Tynel said...

Have a great trip! I'm slightly jealous!

Glynis said...

Love the layout, and the pics of your babe are adorable. They grow up so fast and then that absolute adoration gives way to small person with attitude! Have a great trip :O)

Staci said...

awww, look at sweet baylee! love this layout, brenda - totally adore how you used the house die-cut!

Nishant said...

beautiful layout
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