Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lily Bee givaway......

Happy Easter everyone - hope everyone had a wonderful day!  We did - it was so fun for the kids.  The easter bunny was pretty simple this year - but the kids didn't care at all - they just enjoyed time with the family.  I actually hosted brunch at my house this year and deans family came over - Deans mom did her usual Easter egg hunt - in my backyard this time - and we had lots of good breakfast foods! I made these cupcakes to take to my moms house.
A little bit of everything at our house - the kids looking for eggs - some playing basketball - and others throwing the football around - here is dean in action!
Then we went to my moms - check out the Easter Bunny she created out of dough - amazing right!  It tasted as good as it looks!
Here are me and the kids - and my nephew Cord in the green.  It was a great day!

So I also wanted to tell you about a contest going on over at Lily Bee Designs for the month of April!  Check out that cute Lily Bee Blinkie in my sidebar - all you have to do is put that blinkie on your blog and post to the lily bee blog that you've done it -  and you will be entered into a contest every week this month for a chance to win the ENTIRE Lovely collection!!  Cool - right!!  Go to the blog to see how to get that blinkie!
One last picture to share - only because i'm excited that it is still alive - i'm really embarrased to say i have not owned a real house plant since i was first married 13 years ago and killed a few of them.  Well my girlfriends gave me this beautiful LUCKY BAMBOO for my birthday - and i LOVE it - it is so darn cute - and i am determined to keep it alive. So wish me luck with that - and i'm hoping it brings me some luck too!


careymc said...

Hey there - - did you have a great b-day??!! I hope it was wild and fabulous. Love your guts.

sharin said...

Man, that's a *healthy* one!