Monday, October 29, 2007

i can't beleive it.....

I seriously can't beleive it - i've been jumping up and down like a mad woman - my kids think i'm crazy - so this morning i'm logging on the the computer knowing exactly where i'm going first - today they were anouncing the winner to the OLW blog challenge and i'm hoping maybe i might be on the slideshow for one of thier fav's - and what do you know I WON . Its the Beleive in Miracle layout that i posted below with Baylee in the hospital. Wow - i am so happy - more because now i have a Layout that expresses my feelings about that time in my life that i may not have had if it werent for the inspiration of that one little word 'beleive'. So thanks ladies who voted - i'm honored - and can't wait to play with that yummy new kit coming my way!

Next - well, i tried to be a photographer with my kids the other day. We kinda had a rough one because they were all sick - but i wan'ted to get it over with. I'm pretty happy with the individual pictures but didn't get a good group shot. I need to work on my editing skills in PSE - my poor sister in law Carol had to deal with me Saturday night with a million questions - and i still have a million more.... any one else think PSE is not a very user friendly editing program? I've had it for a few years and still don't feel comfortable with it.......... i need to take more time i guess - i dont have the patience!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween fun

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our family Halloween Party last night. Mason and I are the only ones who got to go from our family - the kids have been pretty sick this last week and Baylee and Ethan just weren't well enough to go. And you can see that Mason just wasn't himself either. He was Obi Wan Kanobe (SP?) . And i know - i'm festive - i didn't dress up. I havn't had the energy taking care of 3 grumpy kids. This is Joe, Steph, Jed and Gage -
Steve and Brad trying to torture the little kids!
A dead woman that kent tried to make with a canteloupe!
Wendy and Jessie as a punk rocker
We had a great time, Rosalie goes all out and does a spook Alley, soup, pigs in blanket, apple cider and a Pinata - the kids loved it.

So i've been tagged by 3 people now Jane and Linda and Nicole Stark - the problem is i don't have anyone to tag that hasn't already been tagged - so I will answer the questions - but not sure i'll be tagging anyone.

So 7 random things about me that you might not know

1. Probably alot of you didn't know that I deer hunted - until you saw the post below a few days ago. Have been doing it since i was young and have shot more deer than my husband!

2. I can't sleep with my feet under the covers. Once they are warm - they poke out of the end of the bed. THis started after my second pregnancy - wierd!

3. I LOVE christmas time - and can't wait til November 1st so we can start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas Movies. Dh put a halt on the decorations though until after Thanksgiving.

4. Dont like the cold weather - i really just don't go outside - i get more housework done and am way more motivated because i would rather be in my house!

5. I've had 6 surgeries - won't bore you with details - but 3 of them were C-sections!

6. I love photography - i'm trying to learn more about it (I keep bugging my poor SIL with questions).

7. Hmmmmmmmm what else - i know i know - i'm so interesting your wondering how i can't think of another thing to say about myself - lol! Okay - its not super interesting - but i am a total procrastinator - give me something to do - and i either forget - or i'm scrambling to do it last minute - that probably wasn't the smartest thing to indulge - but its TRUE. I've gotten to the point now - where if i write everything down i'm good - so 95% of the time it does get done.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OLW BLog challenge

The word this week was Believe - and it inspired me to scrap this not so great picture of Baylee. Thats why I love these challenges - It pushes me to scrap things i normally wouldn't! Used some of the October Kit from the Shaker Box . Thanks for looking!

Journaling: This isn't the best picture in the world - but it is one those memories tht i've chosen to block out , and if i don't document it - thne i will never remember the pain i felt watching my baby girl go through this. SHe was born 5 weeks early - weighing a healthy 6lbs 6oz, but had a hole in her heart that was causing blood to get into her lungs. The went in and out a twice within the first 2 days, she was on oxygen and had a pic line in her belly and IV's running through wherever they could poke her, it was hard to watch. In the back of my mind wondering if she would get better, I felt peace. I had watched Ethan go through the same thing for 8 weeks suffering from CF - I bleieved in my heart she would get better. AFter 4 weeks of tests and learning to eat and gaining weight - I brought my baby girl home. 7/06

Monday, October 22, 2007

WARNING!!! Might be offensive.........

I know some people don't like the hunting thing - but I love it - ecspecially the time i get to spend doing it with my husband. It was a great weekend - other than it was COLD!! I won't bore you with all of the details but my dad spotted this deer opening morning - and since i only had one day to hunt (that's what happens when our mom - don't get as much time as the guys do). But i decided to take him in case i didn't have another chance the rest of the day. This is camp - we seriously froze!

See the cliffs above Dean and I - thats where i shot the deer from - 282 yards straight down. Dean had me laying on a rock at a 45 degree angle shooting straight down. I have to be honest - i was pretty darn scared - i wasn't sure i would hit it because i was shaking so hard - buck FEVER and where i was standing

Me and my Dad

This is the whole crew except for my dad who was taking the picture

We had alot of fun - alot of action. I just love to go. Its funny to think that i got my husband into it 12 years ago and now he is so extreme - he hunts anytime he can. But we love the meat so its all good - my boys love it too - They prefer that over any other kind of meat.

Mason is home sick from school today - its so sad when they are sick - ecspecially with high fevers. I took him and and he tested negative for strep - she said it must just be a nasty virus. So needless to say - kids are going to bed early and mom is going to scrap - i have for a few weeks.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Shaker Box October Kit

Well, i got my kit - and it is amazing - even better than the last one. Maybe because there is alot of PINK and i did all my layouts of Baylee - so sad but its funner to do girlie layouts - the PINK bling is to die for. So here is a preview of the kit and a card that i made with it. Will post everything else on Monday - (i have alot of work to do)!

On a personal note - I can barely move today. Did the body attack class at the gym yesterday and seriously my body went into shock - i hurt soooooooooooo bad. I guess thats a good thing and won't last forever but wow - it was tough - a true test of how out of shape i really am. So this constant reminder of pain will hopefully push me back to the gym so i can do something about it. Steph is great to go with - she's my motivation.

Ethan rode his bike for the first time yesterday - i knew he could, he's just been chicken. So here is what got him to ride his bike. A few weeks ago, Dean bought a little dirt bike for the boys (i know its crazy-but what do you do). So the helmet came in the mail and Mason was at school so he let Ethan try it on - it fit perfectly - almost too small. So Dean let Ethan get on the Motorcyle with him on the back and drive this thing around our back yard for at least 20 minutes - he was revin the throttle and loving every second of it - so when he got off - i used his pure JOY as leverage. I told him he couldn't learn to ride the motorcyle until he rode his bike by himself. 2 days later - he's riding his bike. Love that.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

limited supply challenge....

check it out here . Every Friday - Linda and i alternate and post a challenge for you to use up your stash - dig through and find things you havn't used in a while. This week i challenged everyone to use Twine or Jute, Beads and Transparency. You don't have to use them all -just whatever you can find - i finally finished mine - I also used Pencil Lines AGAIN - Emeline had a great sketch so i couldn't resist using this cute picture of my kids in the back seat - it worked perfect with this sketch!

Soooooo - guess what i did today??? Went to the gym with my SIL Stephanie. It was great - i really need to get back into the swing of things and get into shape - i have used Baylee as an excuse for way to long - she actually did great in the nursery there - and with the gym being brand new it made me feel better about the germies! It was really nice and clean. So hopefully i can make a habit out of it.

Tonight Dean and I are actually going on a date - to a Piano Recital - I know, sounds weird, since neither of us play the Piano - or know much about it for that matter - but one of Dean's Counselor's sons is having one -soooooooooooo we are going to dinner then the recital. It will still be fun - at least peaceful for me since i've been home with the kids BY MYSELF for the last 3 days.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I got it in the mail today! My layout back in my hands - lots of goodies and 2 copies of the magazine. So fun!

I should be scrapping right now - Dean is off hunting AGAIN - i don't know what it is - when he's not here - and i have the house to myself - i just cant DO IT - its driving me crazy! I just sit and check out everyone elses great work.

Nothing exciting going on here - I did take some cute pictures of Baylee today though - she is just so darn cute. Oh yeah - there is a Treasure Hunt that i did today over at Cornish Heritage Farms If you like stamps - you better go get in on the fun - Kim Hughes (who i met at my Crop for CF a few weeks ago) designed these great stamps - so go play! You have till Thursday i think.