Monday, October 29, 2007

i can't beleive it.....

I seriously can't beleive it - i've been jumping up and down like a mad woman - my kids think i'm crazy - so this morning i'm logging on the the computer knowing exactly where i'm going first - today they were anouncing the winner to the OLW blog challenge and i'm hoping maybe i might be on the slideshow for one of thier fav's - and what do you know I WON . Its the Beleive in Miracle layout that i posted below with Baylee in the hospital. Wow - i am so happy - more because now i have a Layout that expresses my feelings about that time in my life that i may not have had if it werent for the inspiration of that one little word 'beleive'. So thanks ladies who voted - i'm honored - and can't wait to play with that yummy new kit coming my way!

Next - well, i tried to be a photographer with my kids the other day. We kinda had a rough one because they were all sick - but i wan'ted to get it over with. I'm pretty happy with the individual pictures but didn't get a good group shot. I need to work on my editing skills in PSE - my poor sister in law Carol had to deal with me Saturday night with a million questions - and i still have a million more.... any one else think PSE is not a very user friendly editing program? I've had it for a few years and still don't feel comfortable with it.......... i need to take more time i guess - i dont have the patience!


Ronda P. said...

BELIEVE it. Your heartfelt journaling touched us all. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I know it must have been hard reliving that story but it is down on paper not only for you but for her as well. And that's what it is all about.

Email me when you get a chance!
One Little Word

careymc said...

CONGRATS!!! So cool, Brenda!!! I'm proud of you! :)

You are quite the photographer - I would love some lessons some day. I cannot believe how fast Baylee is growing up.

Nicole said...

i'm not the slightest bit surprised! that layout is amazing:)

thanks for playing along . . . i loved learning more about you:)

Karla said...

Congratulations honey. Your layout? you so much for participating and opening up to us and to the world :)

You have a gorgeous family.

God Bless,

carol said...

Congrats!! That's great that you won! Your layouts are always wonderful, you take such time with them. That's where I don't have the patience. PSE is easier if you just learn as you go. YOur photos turned out so cute! I love the log fence framing them, and Baylee holding the leaf! Nice touches!

Jane said...

I was not surprised at all when I logged on and saw your layout! I couldn't wait to get to The Shaker Box to congratulate you! You are one awesome lady and scrapper :)

Becky said...

Congrats, it is a really beautiful layout!
Darling pics, and bummer that they don't feel well!

alli_scraps said...

Congrats for winning!!! Your LO was beautiful!!!! LOVE the photos of the kids...can't believe how big little Baylee is getting!!!!

Lynn said...

So happy for you on this - Awesome, breathtaking, such a special layout. Totally deserved.

I LOVE the photos - esp. the second one and the look on Baylee's face -- cracks me up.