Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween fun

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our family Halloween Party last night. Mason and I are the only ones who got to go from our family - the kids have been pretty sick this last week and Baylee and Ethan just weren't well enough to go. And you can see that Mason just wasn't himself either. He was Obi Wan Kanobe (SP?) . And i know - i'm festive - i didn't dress up. I havn't had the energy taking care of 3 grumpy kids. This is Joe, Steph, Jed and Gage -
Steve and Brad trying to torture the little kids!
A dead woman that kent tried to make with a canteloupe!
Wendy and Jessie as a punk rocker
We had a great time, Rosalie goes all out and does a spook Alley, soup, pigs in blanket, apple cider and a Pinata - the kids loved it.

So i've been tagged by 3 people now Jane and Linda and Nicole Stark - the problem is i don't have anyone to tag that hasn't already been tagged - so I will answer the questions - but not sure i'll be tagging anyone.

So 7 random things about me that you might not know

1. Probably alot of you didn't know that I deer hunted - until you saw the post below a few days ago. Have been doing it since i was young and have shot more deer than my husband!

2. I can't sleep with my feet under the covers. Once they are warm - they poke out of the end of the bed. THis started after my second pregnancy - wierd!

3. I LOVE christmas time - and can't wait til November 1st so we can start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas Movies. Dh put a halt on the decorations though until after Thanksgiving.

4. Dont like the cold weather - i really just don't go outside - i get more housework done and am way more motivated because i would rather be in my house!

5. I've had 6 surgeries - won't bore you with details - but 3 of them were C-sections!

6. I love photography - i'm trying to learn more about it (I keep bugging my poor SIL with questions).

7. Hmmmmmmmm what else - i know i know - i'm so interesting your wondering how i can't think of another thing to say about myself - lol! Okay - its not super interesting - but i am a total procrastinator - give me something to do - and i either forget - or i'm scrambling to do it last minute - that probably wasn't the smartest thing to indulge - but its TRUE. I've gotten to the point now - where if i write everything down i'm good - so 95% of the time it does get done.


Jane said...

LOL! I loved reading your 7 facts especially the procrastinator makes me feel better. LOL!

careymc said...

You are so much more fun than us. We STILL don't have Halloween costumes picked out. Yikes.

Loved the random things about you...I knew some of them but didn't realize how much you hated the cold. That's why you need to move to Vegas! I still can't believe you are a pro-deer hunter....CRAZY.

Linda said...

Looks like you had fun at your party. I am a procrasinator too so you are in good company. Great list!

Aline said...

Love those fun pics, looks like you had a great time. :)
And I am so with you, I can't sleep with my feet under the covers either!

carol said...

love the party pics... by the time I got there most of the costumes had been abandoned. Hmmm... that doesn't sound too good. Just the masks and hair were abandoned. I didn't even bother to wear a costume. Oops! That sounded worse. Anyway, cute pics!

And I hate the cold weather too.