Friday, October 12, 2007

Shaker Box October Kit

Well, i got my kit - and it is amazing - even better than the last one. Maybe because there is alot of PINK and i did all my layouts of Baylee - so sad but its funner to do girlie layouts - the PINK bling is to die for. So here is a preview of the kit and a card that i made with it. Will post everything else on Monday - (i have alot of work to do)!

On a personal note - I can barely move today. Did the body attack class at the gym yesterday and seriously my body went into shock - i hurt soooooooooooo bad. I guess thats a good thing and won't last forever but wow - it was tough - a true test of how out of shape i really am. So this constant reminder of pain will hopefully push me back to the gym so i can do something about it. Steph is great to go with - she's my motivation.

Ethan rode his bike for the first time yesterday - i knew he could, he's just been chicken. So here is what got him to ride his bike. A few weeks ago, Dean bought a little dirt bike for the boys (i know its crazy-but what do you do). So the helmet came in the mail and Mason was at school so he let Ethan try it on - it fit perfectly - almost too small. So Dean let Ethan get on the Motorcyle with him on the back and drive this thing around our back yard for at least 20 minutes - he was revin the throttle and loving every second of it - so when he got off - i used his pure JOY as leverage. I told him he couldn't learn to ride the motorcyle until he rode his bike by himself. 2 days later - he's riding his bike. Love that.


carol said...

haha! That's too funny! Dean looks like he's about to fall off!

Jane said...

Oh my kids all had little dirt bikes they had a blast with them. Expect a few brusies but they will survive and have wonderful memories :)

careymc said...

sorry I havne't had a chance to call you, Brenda. How many ms-16's does E take with a meal? We're stil adjusting...

How are you??? I miss you! I will call this week some time - promise.