Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to me..........

Yep!  Today is my Birthday!  I'm a big fat 34!  Feeling a little old.  Didn't do anything exciting today - we actually had HORRIBLE weather - it was a blizzard most of the day.  I was a little bummed - i was hoping for a great day and some outside fun.  We had a BBQ planned with some family - still did it - but Dean had to grill in the garage - a little strange eating hamburgers and hotdogs inside - watching the  snow outside.  But all in all it was a great day - i was with my family - and that made it great. Dean made the yummy cake too.
I have a few Fancy Pants Projects to share with you the very last minute of the month.  It's been crazy around here and i haven't had much time to scrap - that needs to change!!  Anyways - if you don't remember - we teamed up with Tattered Angels this month - i have to say I LOVE MISTS - they are so fun and so versatile - its amazing what you can do with them.  This first project i took the chipboard letters - punched the center out and used Candy Apple Red to cover the white so when i added the glitter - the white didn't show through.  Then covered the letters with Martha Stewarts glitter (might be a new addiction of mine!). I also used a stencil down in the bottom right corner. 
With the second layout i used Candy Apple Red AGAIN - must have been stuck on red - there a tons of colors to choose from though - i created a frame this time - i cut a rectangle shape from cardstock the size i wanted my frame - I temporarily adhered it to the layout and sprayed - when i removed the cardstock i had a great frame - then i stitched around it.  I also used the 2 acrylic stars in the top left as stamps before adhering them - i simply sprayed the stars, turned them over and pressed firmly onto the cardsock - the perfect stamp! It leaves a beautiful distressed image. 
Aren't those pictures great!  They are Mason's first christmas - 8 years ago!  I used the Frosted line from Fancy Pants for this layout - the red letters are from the new Winter release. 

Well - thats about it for tonight - i know i owe you some Disneyland pictures too - and i will get to them hopefully over spring break - since its freezing outside and we won't be out playing. 

Also wanted to explain the blinkie on the sidebar - the Great Strides walk is coming up in May and we have started our fundraising efforts - if you click on it - it will take you to my homepage at - i will post the letter here soon.  Thanks for your support!  My email is STILL down so i think is officially my new email address - i just hope i can eventually get it and recover my contacts - i had so many and can't remember any of them. 


Monday, March 29, 2010


hey friends - so sorry for those of you on my contact list that are getting crazy emails from me!  My email has been hijacked and i can't even get in to fix it because they have changed my password - so i am not recieving ANY emails right now.  Here is an alternative email address if you need anything.  Sorry for the inconvenience - but Windows is not being very helpful at all because this has happened to hundreds of others.  so here is other email if you need me!  . 

Monday, March 22, 2010

the flu...........

have the flu my friends.  I will be back in a few days with those Disney pictures!! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back from Disney

- i have 437 pictures to sift through and decide which ones to share - i might have to break up in a few posts.  All i can say is that it was FABULOUS!  We were in great company and i only got sick once - and cried once - other than that and a few fits from Ethan - everyone was happy and had a great time.  We were in great company with the Nielsens and couldn't have asked for a better family to go travel with - we did the Disney Cruise with them too.  So back later with pics.

- trying to keep the house spotless - we put it on the market last week - and i didn't realize how hard it was to keep CLEAN for those phone calls saying we will be there in a hour.....3 kids makes that a little hard.
ETA: we will be in the same area - a few miles away - same ward too!  It may not happen - we only have 60 to sell our house - so far not luck!!

 - check out the new Lily Bee Design team to the left - so happy to be rejoining to the team and so excited to get to know all of the new members.  I think Lily Bee is going to do great things this year!

- I am ready to get crafty - going through withdrawels this last week but came home to my March Studio Calico Kit so packed with Spring colors - i'm getting it out tonight for sure.

 - we came back to snow on Saturday night but today it looks like SPRING out - supposed to be in the sixties this week - Yay!!  Which brings me to this layout that was in Creating Keepsakes first issue of  Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks.   How cute is Baylee - she is so little in these pics!  I did this layout well over a year ago and it got requested almost a year after being submitted - crazy right!

- going to make a batch of home made chicken soup and breadsticks for dinner and have family night tonight. Dean is going to help the boys finish up their lego sets they got from Disneyland.  And Baylee and I will probably play UNO - her new favorite game - we usually play it 3 or 4 times a day - and we havn't played since the trip and she's been asking every few hours - so we will do that!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner.....

So my 3 year old chose Casey Wright's name out of the bowl! Yay!  Just email me at with your addy and i will get you some goodies!!

So has anyone seen 'Dear John' yet?  Went and saw it last night and LOVED it.  Such great show - will be buying that one.......the only bad thing was at the end - it just ends abruptly - they don't give you much - so i felt left hanging but in a good way.  Anyways - a good chick flick for sure!
Next i have a layout to share that i did a while ago - just am now getting to uploading it - i have scrapped another of these picture of Baylee before - but they are so darn cute i couldn't help my self.  I used random bits and pieces from Studio Calico kits. 
So i'm off to start packing so i don't get down to crunch time and kick myself for not being more organized.  Have a great week next week and i'm sure i will have plenty of pictures to share when we get home!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

where is spring??

**Closed contest below- will post winner tomorrow - not to many to choose from!

we had a teeny tiny teaser yesterday with some wonderful weather - it was only about 55 - but my kids were outside FOREVER!  THey loved it - and so did mommy!  It was good for all of us - i can't beleive i didn't take any pictures either - but today - we are back to movies and rain.  Blah!  Disneyland is 4 days and counting - i can do 4 days!  Hopefully by the time we get back mid march it will be somewhat spring out.  Just wanted to  pop in and share a few Fancy Pants things - we are partnering up with Tattered Angels this month and were able to get some yummy product to play with i used Olive on this layout....... first a layout i did for todays blog post - showcasing Road Show rub-ons - i adore this line!  And these pictures are my favorite of the 3 of them - it was on her blessing day.  She was so tiny - and now she's all grown up - about 5 minutes ago she said "i am so sick of you mommy"  hmmm - i think her and i may spend WAY too much time together.
And did i mention that she had CHICKEN POX last week - think i forgot to mention that.  I had no idea till they started to scab over......i just kept putting desitin on her poor itchy bum.  That is the only place she got them and i think that is why i didn't realize what they were - even though my dad had shingles (adult version of chicken pox) the few weeks before that.  Glad that's over - but i have to say it was pretty easy - and very mild.  Lucky me.

The second bit of fun to share are these fun card kits that you can buy from Fancy Pants Designs.  I was lucky enough to help Jodi out with these kits - i designed the cards for Rusted Sun and About a Girl - but they have them for all 4 lines.  Each kit comes with the product and instructions for each card.
 Thanks for stopping by - and i will be back again tomorrow with the winner and one last post before the trip!


Monday, March 1, 2010

New Beginnings.......

this month over at Lily Bee Designs its all about New Beginnings.  Go check out todays post over on the Lily bee Blog.  I copy and pasted what i wrote here so i didn't have to type it all up again!  I got a little carried away :). I used the Audrey line for this layout because it went so well with pictures and i think still may be my favorite.  And i used this Crepe Paper Ribbon by Jenni Bowlin Studios which is so fabulous, it was so easy to create the flowers, it worked really well, i just added adhesive to the back of the punched circle and gathered it around behind the circle and then added stitching.  I also used the sun kissed action by Maggie Holmes for the pictures - i LOVE IT! definatley worth the purchase - i bought the combo set so i had a variety of actions to choose from.  I have come to accept the fact that i SUCK at photoshop and this works so much better for me to have the leg work done and then just messing with it after i've added the action.

For me - looking through all of my pictures, i started with Spring, went to babies and i couldn't help but going back to these pictures of my nephew Bridger.  After he turned one my mom and I noticed every time we were around him - he was always upset about something.  He didn't talk at all, he always put his hands a certain way - pinky pointed outward, he wouldn't connect with anyone (but mommy and daddy), i had watched him a few times and was always very nervous too, because he would never make eye contact with me and couldn't communicate well.  He would watch a 2 hour movie barely blinking an eye - always the SAME movie : ).

Finally my mom decided to bring up Autism to Karie (my sister).  In the beginning, they didn't want to believe it, but as time went on....they tried to learn more, the became very active in changing his diet to see what things caused him to be better or worse, they put him in an early intervention pre-school and over time we have all learned to know what upsets him and what doesn't - what he can eat and what he can't.  He still doesn't talk and just turned 3 in January but has made great strides, Karie and her husband do an amazing job at taking care of his needs and making his little world just the way he likes it.  Sorry for the rambling - but the New Beginning for me - was looking at these pictures and seeing his smile and knowing that he just wanted to be understood!

So  - i hope this month there are many new beginnings for you and your families - i have another give away - i have SOOOOOOOOO much stuff that i'm never getting around to using and if your home needs some new scrappy stuff - leave a comment about what New Beginnings means to you - and i will randomly choose someone to recieve a flat rate box chuck full of goodies. (internationals welcome but will have to help with shipping costs :( - thanks!) **If you still want to comment but don't want the goodies - just say so in your comments - i would still love to hear your interpretation of New Beginnings!