Friday, August 28, 2009

Good things Utah

sooooooooooo i guess i am going to be doing a segment on Good Things Utah next Tuesday! It all started with trying to get on to promote the Crop for Cystic Fibrosis. It has since turned into a back to school project and then i will mention the crop afterwards. I'm pretty excited (nervous as all get out- but excited). Just want to share a few layouts i did with a few of the new releases from Fancy Pants. The first is the new Dancing Girl line by LiLi - i had a challenge to use the journal notebooks in a creative way - i cut one in half and used a cirlce one for titles. ARen't these pictures of Baylee so funny - she was putting her 'ipstick' on - just like mommy does - its a good thing i caught her when i did!!This is from the Rough and Tough line - I love the little cloud glitter cut. The journaling is a coversation Ethan and I had a few years ago:

Ethan: Mommy - can you help me?

Me: Hold on bud - i'm busy.

Ethan: Right now!

Me: Bud - i only have 2 hands!

Ethan: If you were an Ocotopus you could - because then you would have 8 hands!

Aren't kids so darn funny. I've had this conversation written down forever - i was glad to finally get it down on paper.

Tonight i get to go play with my girlfriends that i don't see very often - do a whole lot of nothing but veg and hang out! I am taking this too die for peanut butter dip and Apples that have fallen from my neighbors tree and he hasn't done a thing with them - single guy who doesn't care - i will have to share a picture of the grass - its really sad. Most of the branches have broken from the wieght of the apples so the ones on the branches don't even grow - and then there are HUNDREDS of them on the ground. Here is the recipe for the dip if you LOVE peanut butter like me - you will LOVE it!

  • 1 8oz cream cheese (i buy the whipped because its easier to stir)
  • 1 cup Peanut Butter
  • 1 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 cup milk

I use a mixer - it makes it creamier - but you don't have too! Last time i made - we were dippin some crazy things - graham crackers, oreos, strawberries - whatever goes i say!

Have a great weekend friends!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

Just wanting to wish this handsome man of mine a Happy Birthday! It was last saturday and we decided to take off and go fishing. We had sooooooooooooooooo much fun. It was so relaxing and beautiful. I didn't even mind just sitting and watching him some of the time - he absolutley loves it - its like an art to these guys - they always are trying to figure it out - the patterns of the fish - what they are eating - when they are eating - the perfect spot and the perfect cast. He has definatley mastered it. And this river........the Snake....has some amazing scenery - i mean my man of course - but the mountians and trees - i seriously couldn't have asked for a better weekend or better company.
Dean trying to tell me where to cast - that perfect spot ya know - i actually couldn't catch a thing but white fish in this hole....... Here is me trying to look like i know what i'm doing - i only get to do this a few times a year.My first fish of the trip - Dean had actually gone back to the boat to eat and i was out fishing - he couldn't see me - and i caught this fish - the fish had nearly swallowed the fly so i'm trying to yell for dean - and walk down the river without hurting the fish - finally he heard the yells and came and rescued the fish. He wont keep any of them - he's a catch and release kinda guy.
This would be the new toy - a Jet boat. I LOVE IT. We have a drift boat - which is really fun too - but you put in - and your on the river until you get to where your trailor is.....which is ALL day. Then you have to shuttle back to where you put in to get the other vehicle. I love to fish while floating though - that is the one thing i like about the drift boat. But this boat - you put in where ever you want - you can go up river, down river - and really fast. Its more of a go from hole to hole kinda boat - but i really like not having to shuttle and being able to fish till you can't see then getting to the docks fast.These are our friends Katie and Geramy - we actually set them up 7 years ago - now that many years and 2 kids later - we are still great friends. He tied a great fly on friday night and that is what we caught all of our fish on on Saturday night - one after another - everyone was catching fish. It was so fun.
Love the background in this picture - the sun was about to set.
So happy Birthday dean - thanks for all of the wonderful years we've had together - it seems they only get better - I love you more now than the day we married. I'm greatful for what a great father you are and husband - the way you treat your family and friends - you are honestly the most charitable person i know. Love your guts!!
Wanted to say thanks to my great friends over last night till midnight helping me with the crop stuff - my floor was COVERED - you couldn't see the floor at all. It was crazy - lots going on - can't wait for it to come together!

Monday, August 17, 2009

lily bee layout

just hoppin on really fast to share a layout i did with the Lily Bee Vintage Poppy - goes to show you can use it for boys too! I actually did this in ISland park last weekend - and my goal was to put it in for the Make it yours column for Scrapbooks Ect. - i used Kim Moreno's layout for inspiration - and came home and all i had to do is add the journaling on Monday and upload it because it was due the 10th - it didn't happen till today - so here it is. I actually used 4x6 photos and trimmed them which is something i rarely do - so it was nice to use pictures I had printed a while ago.

Everything else is going well - crop is coming along - i still need PEOPLE!!!! But all of the planning and organizing is coming along. I stopped by Cosmo Cricket last thursday to pick up some goodness they donated and they gave me some of thier yummy fabric! I LOVE IT - i'm going to have a hard time letting go of it. I will have to search and find me some more. Make sure you hurry and sign up friends - you will have a great time - even if you don't scrap - come get some free stuff - and organize your pictures or put them in albums. It will be worth your time and money - i promise.
Dean made home it home safe from High adventure - although i did have one tiny breakdown on Saturday - after i found out he wouldn't be home till late - i survived. DIdn't realize how much i could miss the guy until he was gone 6 days and i couldn't talk to him! Hope he doesn't do that again anytime soon - i know hunting season is right around the corner - but at least i can talk to him. His big fat 36th birthday is coming this weekend - we are going fly fishing in Idaho - i'm very very excited. We stay here at the Cutthroat Inn - tiny quaint little cabins right by the river - is that wierd that that sounds romantic to me..........hmmm - maybe - but at least we've switched over to doing this for his birthday instead of our anniversary. I'll have you know - i went fly fishing for my honeymoon - and here at the cutthroat for the first 10 years of my marriage for our anniversary - finally a few years ago we decided to step outside of our comfort zone and try some new places - and it stuck - but we didn't want to give up our fishing trip so now we go on his birthday!
ANy how - we are off to Lagoon on Wednsday - back to school night Thursday and then i leave Friday morning till Sunday - Crazy week ahead - hope you all have a great one too!



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just because...

Baylee and i are back from Island Park and we had so much fun. I do have to say she is a very BAD travel companion though...........she wouldn't leave me alone for one second. The movie didn't even work for too long. She kept wanting a different movie or different song - she dropped this or that - she was hot then cold - then tired but couldn't get her pillow - hungry, thirsty - you name it - i did it. Stopped and peed a gazillion times - ugh!!!! Love her to pieces though - and she was so fun once we got there. We went for a boat ride, motorcycle ride, lots of walks and lots of movies. It wasn't very warm there and it rained quite a bit. She went to bed great at night though and i got 4 layouts done while i was there - which for me - ecspecially being away from my scrap room - is pretty darn good. Here is one......... i had a ton of Studio Calico kits with me and grabbed from any one of them. I love these pictures of dean and baylee at the sand dunes last spring - so cute - and isn't that woodgrain ribbon too die for!!
Here is a picture of the cabin from the boat - we were on Island Park lake. Baylee on the dock posing for the camera Bayle and I on the dock
My Crazy niece and nephew - jumping into that disgusting green, minnow infested water. They said it was warmer being in the water than out though - still wasn't going to do it.
Coley and Baylee sitting by the fire - she is so cute with Baylee - they had fun together.
Baylee and her Uncle Brad. Thanks guys for letting us come up and hang out with you. Love ya!
Now dean is gone for the next 6 days - He is gone for High Adventure with the young men. So the kids and i are on our own - yesterday we did the movie thing - today we washed the car and aren't going to do much because baylee is sick - she has a fever and cough - who gets sick in August?? My kids - thats who - hopefully the boys steer clear from it.
One more thing - check out the Scrapbook trends blog - they are promoting the Holiday idea book and Jen asked if she could use one of my layouts (it is not in the book) but just a fun Christmas layout using new Fancy Pants product! Check it out here......
Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

randomness........(is that a word?)

First meet my new nephew Hudson - isnt he a cutie?? He looks like all the other babies in this picture - but really he is darling! And such a good baby right now - just sleeps, eats, poops - then does it all over again!!
Next - isn't this the coolest picture EVER!! This is a picture of my great grandparents in the 40's walking down a very popular street here in Utah 'Washington Blvd.' after they had just watched a very popular show back then. They look so classy! Well in the paper just last month - they had an article about that same show! I thought it was pretty cool -my dad just had the picture above blown up and framed for a family reunion and i out bid everyone so i got to take it home!
This cute baylee over the 24th of July - we went to a Rodeo and i put these cute Prima flowers in her hair - see - scrapbook supplies can be used for so many different things honey........that's what i told dean - trying to justify all of my purchases latley! And here it is in the package before i cut it up and made a layout and used the left overs for her hair! WEll if that isn't random - i dont know what is! A few more things and i will stop talking! First wanted to welcome Leah Killian to the Lily Bee Design team! So cool - can't wait to get to know her better - she does awesome work!
So the other day - my sweet husband came home from work and asked me if i would like to get away this weekend? Say what? Yeah - you heard me right. I've been having alot of health problems lately - learning that i have ARD (Adhesion Related Disorder). which is pretty much a hopeless thing - i have chronic pelvic pain because of previous c-sections and my hysterectomy - the scar tissue has just glued all my parts together - and the only cure for this is surgery - and the cause if this - is surgery. So more surgery to fix it - will only cause more adhesions. So i've had a very emotional week and my sister in law is up at Island Park staying in a cabin - scrapping the week away - and i'm going to join her - i'm leaving friday morning and i can't wait! I am taking Baylee with me - but it will be easy - my niece is up there, she's 12 - and such a doll - she will play with Bay - and baylee also goes to bed early - so i can scrap all night!
Anyways - have a great weekend if i don't post before then!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cool Dude *New Fancy Pants*

a layout i had that i hadn't shared yet - this is the new Rough and Tough line from Fancy Pants Designs! I LOVE it - so boyish - and it went so well with the pictures i had taken from my friend Kellie Hales. and i have one more thing i need to say - i used Claudine Hellmuth's studio paints - holy cow what have i been missing!! I have used my old delta cermacoat paints that i've had for over 10 years that used to tole paint with and didn't realize how amazing these paints are - so vibrant and almost shiney!! I will be buying more of these!

So the crop is coming along - i'm getting anxious - just wanted to let some of you know that are coming in groups and havn't registered that i'm doing a 'promotional thing' - you can get a table for four at $150 - but only until August 24th - i'm trying to get all of you procastinators to sign up early - i'm one of those - that knows i'm going - even if its to a shower - and doesn't RSVP till like the minute i'm walking out the door - so i thought i would give a little kick in the rear! The link is on the side bar - if you plan on doing it this way - email me and we can work out payment because the 'donate' button is for the $50.00. so HURRY - i've got way more prizes than people right now so those who have signed up are going to go home loaded!! ;)