Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

Just wanting to wish this handsome man of mine a Happy Birthday! It was last saturday and we decided to take off and go fishing. We had sooooooooooooooooo much fun. It was so relaxing and beautiful. I didn't even mind just sitting and watching him some of the time - he absolutley loves it - its like an art to these guys - they always are trying to figure it out - the patterns of the fish - what they are eating - when they are eating - the perfect spot and the perfect cast. He has definatley mastered it. And this river........the Snake....has some amazing scenery - i mean my man of course - but the mountians and trees - i seriously couldn't have asked for a better weekend or better company.
Dean trying to tell me where to cast - that perfect spot ya know - i actually couldn't catch a thing but white fish in this hole....... Here is me trying to look like i know what i'm doing - i only get to do this a few times a year.My first fish of the trip - Dean had actually gone back to the boat to eat and i was out fishing - he couldn't see me - and i caught this fish - the fish had nearly swallowed the fly so i'm trying to yell for dean - and walk down the river without hurting the fish - finally he heard the yells and came and rescued the fish. He wont keep any of them - he's a catch and release kinda guy.
This would be the new toy - a Jet boat. I LOVE IT. We have a drift boat - which is really fun too - but you put in - and your on the river until you get to where your trailor is.....which is ALL day. Then you have to shuttle back to where you put in to get the other vehicle. I love to fish while floating though - that is the one thing i like about the drift boat. But this boat - you put in where ever you want - you can go up river, down river - and really fast. Its more of a go from hole to hole kinda boat - but i really like not having to shuttle and being able to fish till you can't see then getting to the docks fast.These are our friends Katie and Geramy - we actually set them up 7 years ago - now that many years and 2 kids later - we are still great friends. He tied a great fly on friday night and that is what we caught all of our fish on on Saturday night - one after another - everyone was catching fish. It was so fun.
Love the background in this picture - the sun was about to set.
So happy Birthday dean - thanks for all of the wonderful years we've had together - it seems they only get better - I love you more now than the day we married. I'm greatful for what a great father you are and husband - the way you treat your family and friends - you are honestly the most charitable person i know. Love your guts!!
Wanted to say thanks to my great friends over last night till midnight helping me with the crop stuff - my floor was COVERED - you couldn't see the floor at all. It was crazy - lots going on - can't wait for it to come together!


laterg8r said...

beautiful pics - can't say i fish but this looks incredible :D

Jessica said...

awesome pics!

Stephanie said...

These pictures are too good. Now you are going to have to update a couple frames :)

nancy said...

Awww! This was wonderful to read... you sound crazy about him! :)

Karie Coats said...

Happy Birthday Dean! We love you! And nice fish Brenda, looks like you had fun!

laura vegas said...

happy birthday dean! looks like you had a great day together!