Wednesday, August 5, 2009

randomness........(is that a word?)

First meet my new nephew Hudson - isnt he a cutie?? He looks like all the other babies in this picture - but really he is darling! And such a good baby right now - just sleeps, eats, poops - then does it all over again!!
Next - isn't this the coolest picture EVER!! This is a picture of my great grandparents in the 40's walking down a very popular street here in Utah 'Washington Blvd.' after they had just watched a very popular show back then. They look so classy! Well in the paper just last month - they had an article about that same show! I thought it was pretty cool -my dad just had the picture above blown up and framed for a family reunion and i out bid everyone so i got to take it home!
This cute baylee over the 24th of July - we went to a Rodeo and i put these cute Prima flowers in her hair - see - scrapbook supplies can be used for so many different things honey........that's what i told dean - trying to justify all of my purchases latley! And here it is in the package before i cut it up and made a layout and used the left overs for her hair! WEll if that isn't random - i dont know what is! A few more things and i will stop talking! First wanted to welcome Leah Killian to the Lily Bee Design team! So cool - can't wait to get to know her better - she does awesome work!
So the other day - my sweet husband came home from work and asked me if i would like to get away this weekend? Say what? Yeah - you heard me right. I've been having alot of health problems lately - learning that i have ARD (Adhesion Related Disorder). which is pretty much a hopeless thing - i have chronic pelvic pain because of previous c-sections and my hysterectomy - the scar tissue has just glued all my parts together - and the only cure for this is surgery - and the cause if this - is surgery. So more surgery to fix it - will only cause more adhesions. So i've had a very emotional week and my sister in law is up at Island Park staying in a cabin - scrapping the week away - and i'm going to join her - i'm leaving friday morning and i can't wait! I am taking Baylee with me - but it will be easy - my niece is up there, she's 12 - and such a doll - she will play with Bay - and baylee also goes to bed early - so i can scrap all night!
Anyways - have a great weekend if i don't post before then!


Linda said...

OMGosh....that old photo reminds me so much of a photo I have of my Grandparents back in about the 1940's, walking along a street in Sydney Australia.....At first, I really thought it was them! Your photo looks just as awesome as mine!

Jordan & Kara Hansen said...

Hey! We are going to Island Park this weekend too and leaving Friday! I hope you guys have nice and relaxing time:)

Jen Gallacher said...

You deserve a break, my friend!! Take it easy and scrap away. :)

Tynel said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health issues... you hang in there! I hope your weekend in Island Park is/was wonderful!

laterg8r said...

i hopped on over from hayley's blog and liked your style so i became a follower :) hope your weekend away renews your spirits :)