Tuesday, August 24, 2010

still hangin on by a thread.......

are you tired of hearing me complain??  Sorry ....... i'm just waiting for some normalcy here - and it is slowly but surely coming my way.  School starts for the boys on Monday - never thought the day would come and feeling a little guilty for being excited.  But it's true!!  I have fallen short in the getting ready for school department -luckily i had a stash of glue, crayons and the necessities from last year and Old came to the rescue for new school clothes (which still have not arrived yet).  The only thing i need to get now is shoes.  Phew. 

Celebrated this handsome guys' birthday this weekend - and this is exactly what he did.......without me.  We usually go as a couple every year for his -bday - but our friends that go with us - had a new baby a few weeks ago so the girls kinda got uninvited.
Such a great husband - grateful to have him in our lives and hope he had a fabulous time - even if he did leave us home! :) The kids bought him gifts from the dollar store and wrapped them himself and we baked a cake and celebrated when he got home Sunday night.  Then last night had a BBQ - our first official get together even though i don't have a couch and when we weren't outdoors enjoying the cool weather - we were sitting on the floor in the living room enjoying eachother's company.

Did a quick card for the Lily Bee Blog a few days ago - about all i can muster right now - having creativity issues!  I havn't even submitted since JUNE - wow.  I"m falling behind.  One thing i did notice while Dean was away - i usually don't mind him being gone because i have free rain in the scrap room and no guilt - this time - I missed him like crazy and i think its cuz i didn't want to scrapbook - at all - so i didn't have anything to keep me occupied after the kids went to bed!!  Crazy..........with hunting season coming up - i better get back into it - the only problem is - I will be a full time College student and probably wont have the time! 
Still can't get enough of the Hello Sunshine all time fave - but it's time to get the new goodies out and start using them.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day.......


Keshka said...

Sounds like life is keeping you really busy! Love Hello Sunshine, too, but I've only gotten a hold of the rub-ons right now!

Jen Gallacher said...

I hope things soon get back to some normalcy for you guys. Hugs!

Staci said...

hey girly, i miss you! gorgeous card! sorry things are so crazy - hope things start winding down soon!!