Sunday, August 8, 2010

a peek into my crazy world

just to show you how i'm living still - why aren't things progressing!!  I feel like i'm at a stand still - but still unpacking - anyways!!  Here is my favorite part of the house - i so wish i would have saved pictures from what it looked like previously so you could see the drastic change - but i didn't.  The walls were red - the cabinets oak and the counter tops Formica.
I chose this aqua color because i was inspired by Jennifer Johner's house tour on apartment therapy - loved the pop of blue - all of my decor is yellow, lime green and orange.  I think it will work well - but as you can see - i don't have a stove, kitchen faucet or dishwasher installed yet.  And this blue was SO BLUE the first time around- i had to have them repaint with a lighter - more aqua tone - it was scary.  My laundry is still that bright blue because i didn't dare ask him to change that too.  And here is my Dishwasher and Stove in the dining area - lovely right??
Seriously this is not fun - and last but not least - my scraproom - i left a HUGE room at my other house - but was grateful that the previous owner like to scrapbook too - because i at least got this - i know - very unorganized right now - but i have internet - thats all that matters - right??

A work in progress - obviously a little bit of everything going on here but me scrapbooking - its going to be a while i think!! 
But at least the kids are having fun - these are pictures of them helping dean irrigate - yes we have to irrigate every thursday for 4 HOURS!!  wow - but like i said - the kids love it.
And so does the doggie!!
And i love the view from my front living room - i come sit here when i don't know what to do with myself or get overwhelmed.
This wrap around porch will be fabulous one day when i have time to furnish it...............

Thanks for your patience and for checking in


Glynis said...

Love how bright your new kitchen is, so brave to use colour in such a big room! And what a great start to a scraproom, I hope I'm so lucky when we have to move as I will have to leave mine behind.

Keshka said...

I'm sure it's tons of work, but it always gets done sooner or later, right?

Stephanie said...

Looks Great!! The counter tops are so beautiful. It really is a different house, you have done a fantastic job. Getting settled really is such a process... hang in there.

We miss you already.

The Dixons said...

It looks so nice the blue is so brave but it looks great. I know Loni has got me hooked on refinishing things. I have become a Saturday Morning garage sale shopper but you can't believe the things my sister has gotten and then totally changed. It's fun. I can't wait to come visit. We will have to keep updated with our blogs. I don't comment very often but I will start so we can keep in touch. Luv Ya.

carey said...

Brenda!!! This is GORGEOUS! Sooo happy for you, woman! We need to chat! We are in the midst of moving, too. Crazy wonderful stressful goodness!!!

Deneen said...

It will be wonderful once your done and it looks great so far!