Wednesday, June 9, 2010

summer days...........

so far - the kids are driving me crazy :) But i still love it.  I'm just having a hard time getting them going and out the door and it seems like i tell them in the morning and i'm still telling them in the afternoon.  And my Baylee (3) and Ethan (7) do not get along at all - so strange.  So i seem to be playing the referee for those 2 starting at breakfast.  But other than that - we are good.
I tried to put Ethan in charge of Baylee while we watched Mason's baseball game last night and it didn't go over well.  I couldn't see the park they were playing at from where i was sitting so in the 2nd inning i decided to run over and check on them - the sight was unbearable - i was sooooooooooo embarassed.  Right along this nice trail that people were walking along with thier dogs and jogging were my 2 kids, Baylee with her pants down crying because she had peed all over herself and Ethan letting it all hang out taking care of his own business - that's what happens when you put a 7 year old in charge.  Instead of coming to tell mom Baylee needs to go potty - he takes her to a bush in a public park.  So needless to say - they won't be leaving my sight again at the games - if i can't see the park - they can't play. 
I've been going through a scrapbooking drought latley - i hate it.  I think about it every single day - but havn't found the time or energy.  It's a good thing i have my Design Team assignments to get me moving.........and wanting to do more.  I'm doing prep work after this blog entry so as soon as the kids go down - i can get started on some projects. 
Just wanted to share a few more pictures from Memorial Day - next up are my St. George pictures - need to get them uploaded.  The kids love fishing on this pond my dad put in a few years ago - the fish are ginormous this year.  So the kids spent alot of time there.
This is a new recipe i tried a while ago that my kids LOVED.  I just grilled hamburger, put it in a whole wheat pit and topped with mozarella cheese - then sauted mushrooms and onions and put on top - CHeeseburger pockets!  Yum - easy summer dinner - and of course the home made fries (baked) to go with them. 

Have a great day!


laterg8r said...

oh poor baylee :D

hope your mojo comes back :D

Keshka said...

I think we all go through scrapping droughts, I hope your mojo comes back soon!

Briana Johnson said...

oh that is so funny! My son is 4 and doesn't seem to understand peeing in public is rude. Now he tries and find a place to hide so he can do it anyway. That recipe looks delicious - I can see my kids liking that too.

Becky said...

Oh sweet Baylee...
giggling though!
Miss you tons, we need to find time to get together soon!

Laura said...

fabulous photos! My boys are either the worse of enemies or the best of friends....depending on their moods! I spend a lot of time being referee too!

Hope your mojo comes back!

Looking forward to working with you next month as our GDT at scrapbookdreamer! Have a great day!