Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day.......

we had a great Father's day yesterday - a busy one making the rounds but good.  I have to say i think i may have the BEST DAD ever!  I didn't take any pictures of him yesterday and i'm kicking myself but here are a few from Saturday.  Dean took the boys to Flaming Gorge fishing for the weekend so Baylee and i headed up to the property to hang out with my mom and dad for the day on Saturday. 
I can't say enough about what a great dad and Grandpa he is.  We are lucky to have him.  He always puts us first and is willing to do anything for us.  Love you Dad!

Then there is Dean - who is amazing.  I couldn't have hand picked a better father for my kids.  Even though he isn't around alot because of his calling and job - when he is - he makes it count.  And that is what is most important.  They adore him - and i love to see they interact with him and the way thier eyes light up when he walks in the door.  I took this yesterday after walking home from his parents house.
SO last weekend i decided scrapbook a layout for myself - no restrictions - no rules - no anything.  This is what i came up with - this is a picture of my Grandparents before they were married.  I love how in love they look! 
I grabbed from my Studio Calico Kits - probably 3 different kits here.  But it worked out perfect.  Here is how i did the buckle if your interested.  I just wrapped a piece of ribbon around the ribbon going lengthwise 
Then added one of the self adhesive lace frames to it and then embellished. 
Thanks for stopping by............we have big news and lots of changes going on around our house.  I will come back and share tomorrow. 



Keshka said...

Love this page! Can't wait to hear your big news!

Karie Coats said...

I love the pictures you have of Dad! I didn't take any either!

Staci said...

first off, LOVE the layout! the ones i do for myself are always my favorite ones! secondly, you tease lol! i want to hear the big news!! I love those pics - the on of your dad and baylee and their reflections is amazing!