Tuesday, December 8, 2009

terrified of Santa

So we know that Baylee is scared of Santa but this year she had tried to mentally prepare herself for her visit with him. For days she has been telling me that she loves Santa - drawing him pictures - trying to decide what she's going to tell him she wants for Christmas when she sits on his lap - and telling herself repeatedly that she is not going to cry this year. She had a few traumatic experiences last year, and even though she was only 2 1/2 - still remembers very cleary how she felt when seeing him. So last Saturday we had our first of many Christmas parties at my cousin Kami's house - i failed to mention to the kids that Santa was going to pay a visit just in case Baylee might try and talk herself out of sitting on his lap. So we all sat in a circle - some of the kids giddy with excitement knowing how was going to make an appearance and you could see the wheels turning just tyring to decide that one thing they were going to tell Santa they wanted. Baylee on the other hand has clueluess as to what was coming next. Dean was on video because i knew in the back of my mind what her reaction was going to be. She's singing away - and here's the "HO HO HO, Merry CHristmas" and still doesn't completely understand what is coming - until she see's his face and the rest - you'll have to watch this clip - it's priceless!!

It's literally FREEZING here today - high of 20 degrees -so Baylee and I are still in our Jammies, doing laundry, watching Christmas shows and eating sugar cookies!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day - i will have some craftiness to share tomorrow!




laterg8r said...

oh the poor dear, bless her heart!

Stephanie said...


Staci said...

OMG, poor thing!! you would think she was being tortured, lol! It's COLD here today, too, brrrr!