Friday, December 18, 2009


So last night was our annual Fondue party with just the adults on Deans side of the family - and it just so happens this year - for the first time ever - it was at my house. It's tradition that it is always at my mother-in-laws but they are in an inbetween home right now while they are building their new home - sooooooo it was at my house this year. Talk about pressure!! But i'm happy to say that i think it went well. It was fun getting ready and decorating for it. Here is the table - i didn't take many pictures because i was busy trying to show everyone where everything was and worrying about this and that.
Everyone in the kitchen making the fondue and munching on shrimp cocktail.
after the dinner - everyone chillen out playing the Wii!So i have a new love! It's called FABRIC - who would have thought that i had enough love to share with Scrapbooking - but its true. I love it - its almost like patterned paper to me - i just can't get enough. As for what i'm doing with the fabric - here is some of what i'm doing. These fun flowers that i took me a few weeks (not kidding) to create. More or less because i was playing with different ways to make them! I was inspired by this post from Elizabeth Kartchner. I have made a few of those flowers too and put them on a backpack for baylee for her dance shoes but i'm not quite done. Anyway - fun fun - and i think i will be playing with Fabric alot more in the future!

Here is a not so great picture of me wearing the flowers (they are pinned on). But the battery in my camera was dying so it wouldn't focus well.
And finally - here is a layout i did for the Lily Bee blog - a year in review type layout. I really really struggled with it but happy with the way it turned out - kind of fun to have this many different pictures on one layout. Make sure to head over there - there are lots of giveaways still going on!! So - i'm really feeling unprepared for Christmas this year - i really thought i was on top of things but the time has just slipped away from me - i can't beleive its next Friday - what is up with that. I'm hoping even though i have 3 parties and a dance recital in the next 4 days that our family will still make time to enjoy it and remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place - i hope all of you are enjoying the holidays!
** I have a little secret to share - and i'm just waiting for a few more details before i can 'blurt' it out - but i'm pretty excited!!


Lori Gentile said...

yummy! I love fondue. We have a restaurant here that is fondue and went to it last weekend. It's sooooo good.

I'm a fabric addict, too! I love what you did with the flowers for your shirt. Super cute!

laterg8r said...

those flowers are gorgeous, well worth the time :D

Andrea Amu said...

Know what you mean about time slippin' away! I am not at all prepared this year either!
Your fondue party looked like a lot of work, but it looked really fun too! Your house is beautifully decorated from what I see!

Love your layout AND the fabric flowers :) Ans can't wait to hear what news you have!

Deneen said...

Can't wait to hear the secret! Love the cute flowers also.

Stephanie said...

You were an awesome hostess. It was such a fun night- thanks for all your work, everything was just beautiful!

I am telling ya- you have got loads of talent...those flowers were darling. Are you taking orders yet?? :)

careymc said...

Great pics! Your house looks beautiful! We are doing fondue for NY Eve, so I may have to pick your brain on recipes. The shirt/pin picture is darling - - don't know what you are talking about. Makes me miss you!!! (PS - we are getting a new vest & I'm stoked!)

laura vegas said...

you have a gorgeous kitchen, from what i can see here! it looks beautiful! i just got to host christmas for my family for the first time ... and i'm happy to say it went pretty good. love the flowers ... i think they're so cute on the shirts. wish i had patience to learn something new. and can't wait to hear your secret :)

Jana Eubank said...

What a fun idea for a holiday get-together! I'm going to remember that for next year. LOVE that two-pager. ;) I need to do a 2009 faves page . . .great idea! :D